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Wet Food Vs Dry Food & Teeth Cleaning

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Hi guys! My 12-13 year old Persian just had his teeth cleaned on Friday, so I know his mouth was sore. The instructions from the vet said to give him wet food for a couple of days. I was also told he needed to eat more dry food to keep the tartar off his teeth. Now, he's -never- had his teeth cleaned before in his entire life, this was the first time. He started eating a ton more wet food recently because the tartar build up had made his mouth sore, we think, but, my question is - when do I start pulling back on the "treats" and making him eat his dry food again? He ate some this morning, and my mother, bless her soul, makes me feel really guilty about not giving him a treat. But the vet said so, and I just don't know what to do. I am also thinking perhaps his wet food is giving him the itches since he's been getting it SO MUCH (x4-6 times a day, a teaspoon to tablespoon) and he usually only ate it once or twice every couple days, or even less than that. He is eating Hill's C/D ... I know some people consider that junk food but he's done so well on it, and his labs are great, and he loves it.. so I want to stick with it. Anyone think I am being mean by withholding his "treat" and would it mess up the progress we've made from his teeth cleaning if he continued getting them? Thanks so much guys!!
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Dry food does nothing for dental health. I have seen many compare that to eating a pretzel and asking how your teeth felt after

If your boy likes his wet, by all means give it to him. They need the moisture from it.

I feed wet twice a day with some dry to snack on. The cats look amazing
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Oh okay! I always figured it did help, but I guess if it helped before he wouldn't have had all that tartar and red gums It was because i didn't get his teeth cleaned sooner and I should have! I will keep on top of it now. He is my special boy. Thanks for the info!
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IMO its a myth that all dry food diet will keep teeth cleaner. They don't. Some of my cats ate dry almost all their lives and still had tarter build up - so its not true.

I would feed a mix of canned and dry. Think about it, do cats in the wild eat hard food to keep teeth cleaned? They are eating soft foods and still have good teeth.

Cats don't really chew on the dry food, so how will it help keep tarter off the teeth?
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You're right. I've never thought about it like that! Well I know -he- will be thrilled about this
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