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zomg! success!!!!

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after a few failed attempts at the beginning (about a month and a half ago) to get my cats to eat a whole chunk of meat or meat on a bone (chicken parts, mice, etc), i went back and started from scratch, pureeing chicken meat and turkey meat and chicken livers with egg yolks and supplements, with big chunks of chicken and turkey meat in it. with each batch i increased the size of the chunks, and again tried and failed with the mice. a few days ago, i started putting down whole chicken legs and wings, and they ate them!! quite happily, too.... well, tonight, i decided to try another mouse, this one smaller than the chicken leg next to it... i drizzled just a little bit of salmon oil on it after cutting it open a little bit annnnnnnd...... sid just ate the whole mouse!! in about three bites, too lol i am STOKED!!!!!

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Good job, after all it sounds quite simple.
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Hey, that's awesome! Congratulations, SiddyMeowmy!

Whole prey model is definitely the easiest and most natural way to feed a cat, if, of course, the cat cooperates.

In the wild, cats don't normally eat the stomach contents unless they're starving, so don't be too surprised it, at some point, Siddy starts leaving the tummy behind or (as my cats started doing) eating the top half of the mouse and leaving the bottom.

(Squeamish alert!!!)

If I want the cats to eat whole mice now, I have to gut them first.
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he did leave most of the stomach (i'm assuming it was the stomach >.>) from that first mouse, but when i put a second one down for zoe and onyx to have a crack at, he gobbled it up, stomach and all. i know they're not starving, as they had each had a chicken leg down for a while. i guess he was just so happy to see another one that he didn't care
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