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Originally Posted by Slave2_Ragdolls View Post
I just discovered this thread.......poor Bugsy......I am concerned that Lucky would also have the URI......it is contagious. All 6 of my cats got a URI last summer. Trying to pill 6 cats 2 x a day x 10 days was a nightmare. Bugsy will forgive you in a few days as soon as the medicine stops Give him a kiss for me
Thanks Bob - so far so good... Bugsy is getting better by the day, and Lucky has show no symptoms of an URI, whatsoever. My girl is very very healthy! . TOmorrow isthe last day of his eye drops YOO HOO!!!! I can't believe it!!!! YEAH!
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Goodness, I just saw this thread, and I'm so happy to hear that Bugsy is doing okay. What a good meowmy you are for taking him quickly to the ER.

I also wanted to say that everytime I see your siggy, I am just struck by how beautiful both your kitties are. There's just something about them that grabs my attention.
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Thank you so much! Yes, I am biased, but for me they are gorgeous! I am so lucky... They are so sweet, loving, smart... I don't know how to think about life without them anymore!
Bugsy is doing much better! His eyes are almost completely good, except for a little larger third eyelid. There is no more signs of infection - no more yellow secretion like before. Now he only has the normal brown dry stuff. His eye infection was really nasty - his eye was running this yellow stuff like a kid's runny nose! Poor baby...
No more diarrhea that I can see - his poop is almost all formed! A little bit on the soft side, but to be expected. He is eating well, and his energy level has completely returned.
I am also glad the effects of the steroid shots are pretty much gone. I am going to be holding off on giving it to him again.
Thank you all for caring!
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Wow the news is good - still sending those to Bugsy though
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