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Blossom's hurt.

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I posted in SOS because we hadn't seen Blossom for nearly 15 hours & thought she had gotten out side& no amount of calling brought her running back.

Last night when she went to come in our dogs ganged up on her & when she made another attempt at coming in they chased her off. She must of come in after that because I fed her b4 going to bed & that was the last I saw of her until about 30 mins ago when son found her under a chair.
After pulling her out & telling her how worried I'd been she growled at me when I was petting her all over.

I've found that she seems hurt in the right thigh/hip. I won't be able to get her to the vet until the morning. She doesn't seem to have a temperature, she's only eaten a few pieces of kibble & only wants to lie down.

In the mean time, I have some left over Metacam that we had for our dog recently when she was suffering with arthritis. Is it safe to give to cats in a reduced amount?
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Metacam can cause kidney problems in cats and wrong dose can kill them.
I do not give my cats that.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Metacam can cause kidney problems in cats and wrong dose can kill them.
I do not give my cats that.
Thanks for the quick reply mews2much, I won't give it to her.

Many yrs ago when I was a child we were on holidays with our pets & the cat got stuck up a gumtree. Mum made the mistake of shining the torch in his eyes & he fell out. The man next door told her to give him 1/2 a disprin, asprin, which she did. The cat recovered, I can't remember anything else because that was the only story mum would relate when talking about the incident. Have since found out that you don't give asprin or any human painkillers to pets.
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I hope she's okay
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Hope she's okay. Keep an eye on her and if you have a large crate, maybe keep her in there with all the amenities until you can get her to the vet. Make sure she's eating and drinking. She might have gotten bit and that may be causing her to not want to walk.
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for Blossom be OK sweetie
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for Blossom.

Sounds to me like she needs to be checked over by a vet. Cats are too good at hiding serious injuries and illness. If she's acting hurt or sick it could worse than she's letting on.

Hope it's something minor.
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Blossom saw the vet today & she picked up what was wrong in about 5 seconds. She had her walk on the floor, which she did - only a couple of steps, she asked if she was jumping, I said with great difficulty.
Next thing she's shaving Blossom's hip where she found 2 bites from a cat's k9s. She said it looks like we caught it in time, no sigh of absess only bruising & a patch of air. She also shaved a patch on her side & found a 2" long scratch.
Blossom was given a long term antibiotic injection & came home with Metacam for pain.
She said she shaved the area so we could keep an eye on it to make sure there's no change for the worse. Here's hoping, especially with the Easter holidays fast upon us.
I almost forgot to say how good Blossom was during the whole examination. I thought she'd go in fighting with all 4s as she would growl if I touched anywhere near the wound. She actually started to purr, something she very rarely does. She didn't even flinch while the vet was shaving her.
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Sending lots and lots of for Blossom. I've always thought she was ADORABLE!
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Glad you took her to the vet and the vet caught the problem. Please don't give the Metacam as it can adversely affect the kidneys. If you think Blossom's in pain, call the vet and ask for something else.
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Get better Blossom
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