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Catnip seeds?

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I have been looking for a place to buy catnip seeds because I want to grow it but I can't find any. Even if I found somewhere to buy some I couldn't afford it. I don't have any money. Does anybody happen to have any laying around that they don't need and could mail to me?
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I found some the other day at Walmart for $1 if that helps you any!
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Actually it does, what part of the store did you find them in?

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I found them in with the lawn care and seeds. There was a big display of burpee seeds close to the entrance of our garden center. Hopefully, the stores are similar enough that those are decent directions for you!
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ya i found them right away, thank you very much
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I think catnip can grow almost anywhere in the U.S. It's in the mint family, and you can even use it to make tea.
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You can usually find seeds and sometimes plants on Ebay.
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