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An April Blizzard

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Anywhere from 5 - 14 inches - doesn't mother nature know it's APRIL!?!

First portion of vid taken. Second portion of vid taken about (literally) 1 minute later. Third portion of vid taken right after 2nd vid - just on the other side of the house. Now it's barely snowing.....oh wait, picked up again.
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Its not doing anything here... yet But they said we are supposed to get 6" by the end of tomorrow I'm ready for spring!
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Winter needs to get back! I am ready to start planting! NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!
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The weathers mad all over the world. On thursday here it was a gorgeous warm day, but the following day there was a sea fret and it was freezing again
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We have a chance of that on Monday. I hate early spring when the weather changes over. At least it doesn't stick around long.

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We have chances of snow next week
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It's not here yet, and I'm not happy about possibly 6" of snow. I am so ready for spring.
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We got ours lastnight and yes it was depressing.

It poured rain all day yesterday and was 10C by evening all the rest of the snow was gone, everything looked nice and clean and the buds were starting to pop on the trees. Overnight the temperature dropped 15 degrees and we woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground this morning.
Even the cats were annoyed they looked out the window for about 5 minutes gave me the evil eye like it was all my fault and went back to bed.

Now it is suppose to be just below freezing for the next week at least so we will be stuck with this snow for at least a few more days.
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We don't have that much - but right now (8:15pm) we have about 1-2 inches on the grass - none on roads thank God.
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I'm in Nebraska and we are under winter storm warnings. It's getting bad here. I had to leave work early because the roads were getting bad. It's turning into a blizzard here and not supposed to stop until tomorrow at 1pm.
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Funny. Not far from here, just into IA - hasn't snowed one bit!
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When I lived in Denver, we always had a late snow storm. We called it our "annual tree trimmer."
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This morning it's coming down as snow, but seems too warm to stick. So no accumulation. I hope it stays this way.
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Cool video! Stay warm
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And we got almost no snow out of the deal.
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I got only a dusting here near the cities. That makes me sad. I hate the end of winter, and I am wishing for one more big snowstorm and sub-zero temps. Yes, I know I am the only one....
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It's snowing as we speak.
It was raining today when we went into Chicago and now it's snowing. What's that about?? We are supposed to get 4-6 inches!? Ok, I'm officially over it. I have to go to the chiro tomorrow and really don't feel like driving in the snow anymore!!!
Thankfully I only have to work 10-1 so at least it'll be a short day. Well, well, well, I just looked out and I think it's stopped! It didn't even stick on the roads, just the grass... I can handle that. I'd prefer NO snow but if I have to have any this is fine with me. I can still drive and it actually looks sort of pretty.
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It was snowing lightly here this morning, and yesterday I was wearing my flip flops! Supposed to be even colder tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by jugen View Post
It's snowing as we speak.
Same here, the wind is howling and the windows are rattling. They are calling for 1-3 in. overnight. Hard to believe it's April.
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I am in the western suburbs and it is coming down here. It is windy and the snow is definitely sticking to the ground. I am glad I remembered to buy a new cover for my grill today when we were running erands in the rain. I have a doctor appointment in the morning so I am hoping for a break in the weather for a little while. It is hard to believe it is April from looking out the window. I just called a friend who was out of town to see if I should give her diabetic cat his medicine tonight but she just told me that she would be home in a little while so I don't have to go over there tonight.
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Oh wonderful.. SNOW is in the forecast here to. I have crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths blooming for the past 5 days.. I absolutely hate seeing snow on my flowers!!! Thats why i picked a bunch today
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It's raining here right now. I hope it doesn't turn into snow. It is supposed to snow tomorrow though.
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