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Anyone here have a gym membership?

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I know that there are at least a couple here that do, but I was just wondering, is it worth the money you pay? Are personal trainers worth the extra money, at least for a couple of times? A new gym just opened up not even 5 minutes from me and I am seriously thinking of joining. My blood pressure has been sky high and I would like to at least attempt to bring it down without meds, plus I want to feel better and those endorphins are great for that!
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I don't think it's worth the money. Honestly it's too much of a hassle to drive there and then shower when u get done. I prefer to run/walk right before my shower for the day which is usually in the evenings around my neighborhood...It's so much better because for a 20 minute work out, i only waste 20 minutes rather than at least an hour and a half at the gym, plus carrying all cosmetics there is also a hassle. We have a really good gym at my school, it's in Atlanta where the olympics used to be hosted and all they built the gym for the athletes or something..anyway I never go just because it's so much of a hassle even though it's free to us.
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Well it depends what you are planning on doing. If you want to get into some weight training and stuff like that, then I would say the membership is definitely worth it. I've been really into weight lifting for a while now and I love my membership. If you are just planing on doing cardio and stuff like that to get in shape then I would say it's probably not worth it. I'd say just go for a run every once in a while. Maybe you could invest in a treadmill or an elliptical but other than that just go for a run.
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After four months of physical therapy-level workouts due to a ACL reconstruction, I recently joined the Y to amp up the intensity of my workouts. Understand, I can be one lazy SOB, and I put on 20 pounds during the months I was activity-limited before I had my surgery. Putting money towards a gym membership gives me an added motivation, as opposed to adopting a "Oh, I'll ride the bike a bit tomorrow", or whatever. I feel more accountable. Give me the freedom to do nothing, and far too often, I will.

Plus, seeing others give 100% inspires me to do so, as well.
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Dottie has a membership, which she bought in order to be able to go swimming regularly. Right now, it has cost us about $21 per hour of swimming. Not worth it.
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I have a membership and before I fell and broke my ankle last month I found it quite worth having. My boyfriend and I negotiated a pretty good price and went together so we kept each other honest about going, plus we were able to work out together where we wouldn't be able to afford twin equipment at home. I know a lot of people have difficulty setting aside the time to go, but after developing a schedule I didn't have much problem with it. I will start going again once my doctor clears me from my ankle injury.
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I won a 3 month gym membership and haven't gone as much as I should. I am now paying for both DH and I to go. To me it is worth it. It gets unbearably hot here in the summer and walking outside is not a good idea. As for personal trainers, it just depends on what you want to do. My gym had 2 free sessions which were useless. The "trainer" did not show me how to use any of the machines, just showed me some exercises. I can do that at home!

I really enjoy the gym. I walk on the treadmill and watch TV at the same time. DH rides on the bike next to me. My gym also has an indoor pool. I know better to go to the pool at my apartment during the summer. It is always full of kids.

I would advise you to talk to your doctor before exercising if you have high blood pressure. Have him give you a target heart rate and try not to go over it.
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Thanks everyone for your responses! I am really considering this. I am a cardiac nurse so I know not too push it too much and since I teach my patients what activity is safe, I think I should be ok.
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Yes, it is worth it! at least to me and my SO. We get a lot out of memberships, and it is added commitment to work out due to the investment, and it is a bonus if the club has a pool. We haven't had one with a pool yet but a new gym is being built with a pool.
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My husband and I go to the YMCA.. $27 dollars is drafted out of my paycheck every two weeks for our membership. I love it. They have a special around here where for $80, you get three personal training sessions, plus a fitness test and exercise plan. They also orient you to the machines for free and will set up a basic fitness plan, also for free. I love the Y.
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I have a gym membership and I find it is totally worth it. Then again I agree with the notion that it really depends on what you do at the gym. Like I do weights and swim two things I can't do in my apartment. Also I rotate my cardio so its nice to have a selection when I arrive. I basically do whatever catches my fancy on any given day.
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It's absolutely worth it - everyone could benefit from going to the gym more often and exercising more, you just need to find a way to motivate yourself.

Have all your gym gear with you and go straight after work. Find a friend who's at the same gym and organise to meet there at a certain time on certain days. The important thing is to have a certain schedule planned. If you decide to go "when I have time", it's so easy not to go!

DH and I are just getting our membership going after having suspended for a couple of months due to injury and surgery, and I'm looking forward to using the gym pool. Fingers crossed we can go regularly....
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
It's absolutely worth it - everyone could benefit from going to the gym more often and exercising more, you just need to find a way to motivate yourself.

Have all your gym gear with you and go straight after work. Find a friend who's at the same gym and organise to meet there at a certain time on certain days. The important thing is to have a certain schedule planned. If you decide to go "when I have time", it's so easy not to go!
That's what I am afraid of-- the motivation to go. I work 12 hour nights so going after work is probably not going to be an option for me-- I need to figure out how to make myself a schedule to get there!
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I have one (although if you'd told me that years ago I would have laughed at you :P) and it's definately worth it , but we get them really cheap through our employee wellness program at work. I found I have to be really strict about setting a time to go (right after work since the gym is right across the road and I'm already here) and getting a workout buddy really helps. Three of my colleagues and I drag each other over regularly, which helps because usually it only takes one person to go to get the others.

Peer pressure at its finest.
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I've heard of 24-hour Fitness and Anytime Fitness- both open 24-7. I keep a gym bag in my car, which helps my motivation! I like having multiple cardio machines to choose from, plus two different brands of weight machines and free weights.
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I'm looking to join 24 Hour Fitness-- they just opened right down the road from me so I thought I might be more likely to go. I work 4 nights a week so I hope I can go on my 3 days off.
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I have a gym membership. It's said it takes 30 days to form a new habit. so just tell yourself to go 3x a week for one month by that time it will be part of your routine.

I go at least 3x a week sometimes 4. I love it. I feel so much better. If I'm in a bad mood now (and who isn't in this economy) I go workout to feel better. I'm always happy I did.

Most gyms will give a trial membership and a couple sessions with a trainer when you join. Just think what you would be paying in blood pressure meds.
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I wouldn't be caught without a gym membership

Its absolutely worth it. You just need to GO. So many people pay the money and never go. Once you get into the habit, you will feel weird when you don't go.

I always feel great when I go. My FH and I work out together. (Not together like beside eachother, but we go to the gym together.) Its nice to peer across the crowded gym and wink at him

I have worked out for years and will not stop anytime soon. I feel great most of the time!
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I managed to get along tonight, and feel great!
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I do!
Lazy old me joined up! since moving to Australia i piled on 6 kgs! that is a lot for little petite me! hubby told me to either stop complaining that my jeans are too small and to start doing something about it. So my SIL told me of this gym that has a pool and about 5 different classes and a heap of equipment! its much fun
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