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Tinker, Wilbur and Bart

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It's been a couple months since tinker had her babies.

there's one kitten left for adoption. He was born with a birth defect where his ribs aren't as long as they should be. You can put your hand on his chest and feel his heart beat directly. So they've kept him at the shelter for one extra month. His name is Bart and he's a really loving kitten. today i went in to check up on him and he just sat in my arms for a long time. no wiggling at all1!

here's a picture of the lady that bottle fed him and his two siblings who are now adopted out. Oddly enough, one of them i couldn't tell the color because there was no fur when she was born. I was afraid she'd never get fur. but she ended up having EXTREMELY long hair and multi colored. She's gorgeous. I had actually gone in specifically to get a picture of her because I knew Bart would be there awhile. but the people that adopted her had left 5 minutes before I got there

So here's the only picture i have. it's bad, but here's Bart!

Tinker and Wilbur are good as always. healthy, happy and furry as you can imagine.

Here's Tinker showing off her regrown fuzzy belly

Wilbur looking unenthusiastic

And a face shot of both the monkey's cuddling
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It's good to see your beautiful kitties again. I love Tink's belly shot!
And Wilbur looks very handsome.

Someone will come along and fall head-over-heels for Bart. Who wouldn't with that face.

for Bart finding a forever home soon.
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Hi, JT. Thanks for the update! Does Bart need any special kind of care with that defect?
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
It's good to see your beautiful kitties again. I love Tink's belly shot!
And Wilbur looks very handsome.

Someone will come along and fall head-over-heels for Bart. Who wouldn't with that face.

for Bart finding a forever home soon.
yeah I think it'll be quick. She said he'd already be gone but the vet made her keep him an extra month just for safety

Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Hi, JT. Thanks for the update! Does Bart need any special kind of care with that defect?
I asked, and she said no special care was needed. the only thing the new owner will need to do is notify the vet if he has to have any surgery. but day to day life, no special stuff. good news!
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I loooove Bart! I'm glad that he won't need special day-to-day care. What a love he seems to be, too.

Wilbur and Tinker look faaaaabulous as usual. I especially like the last picture with the two of them cuddling.
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Great to see all of them looking so healthy and happy.
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I love Bart too! What a HUNK! I had a baby called Bart - he went to his new owners in December!

Lovely to see new pics of Tinks & Wilbur. That last picture is so sweet.
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I am really bummed i couldn't get a picture of the long hair kitten Aretha. She was incredibly beautiful. i mean beyond words. I remember when she was born I was afraid she was going to be bald. Even after two days there wasn't a hair on her body. It's so ironic.

Bart is a great little guy. I wish so badly I could take him. But due to the recent issues I'm forced to stay with the two i have.

Here's a short update on me.

I've returned to ful time work. Thankfully I do it remotely, so I don't have to move. My sister announced in January that she has lung cancer and only a short time to live. This REALLY affected my mother. Due to all the stuff going on I'm not going to move out and back to arizona yet. I'm staying here to tend to my mother who's really having a hard time. If I leave, then my sister dies she will feel so alone. So i'm going to stay here for probably another year. so after my sister passes it'll give mom time to recover. then I'll talk her into moving to phoenix where the rest of her family is. That's when I'll move.

So this is good in a couple ways. It lets me save a bunch of money to make up for the many thousands i've lost. then I can also pay the bills here, which gives my mom the freedom to 'roam'. Since sis is on her way out, she'd decided to go to Germany, Italy, Australia and travel the U.S.. So with me covering the expenses here, it's allowing my mom to go to Germany and Italy with her.

So while it's awful news that my poor sister is passing, at least I've stabilized and am out of that awful funk i was in.
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Here's Wilbur making sure I can't work on my computer
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I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. It seems there was reason for you ending up back with your mom afterall. The hardest thing for any parent to face is the loss of a child and it doesn't matter how old the child. It's good that you are there for both of them.

Having to be the strong one in these situations can be very wearing, so take care of yourself, too. I don't know how close you and your sister are, but I know that for me, losing a sibling would be devastating. for you, your mom and your sister.

Wilbur looks just as good upside down as he does right side up!
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post

Here's Wilbur making sure I can't work on my computer

Love it!!!
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Glad to see you back on the forums, so sorry to hear about your sister. Very beautiful pictures of all the kitties Glad you seem to be getting back on your feet. Hope all things keep going well.
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Thanks everyone. My family is not a close one. Well, I should clarify that. I am not close to my family. I'm a loner. I don't like to be around people much. that's changed a lot over the years as Iwas really sociable for a long time. but as time goes on I just prefer to be alone. Nothing said, or negative.

I've never been close to my sister. I don't hate her, but we did hate each other with a pasion growing up, and it kept us from ever being close. I don't dislike her at all, but when you grow up and get out of a negative situation sometimes it just feels better to keep the distance.

I'm sad that she's got cancer, no question. but it won't affect me nearly as bad as the rest of the family. There are 4 people that will really affect me when they die. my mother, 2 aunts and 1 uncle. But other than that I'm just not close.

I remember having to tell my mother that her mom had died. it was last may. Mom was flying down to see her one last time. she was in a nursing home. But she didn't last long enough and died the night before mom came. I've never in my life felt such a sad feeling as breaking it to her. We agreed to let her get there and not disrupt her trip. i had to pick her up at the airport. I initially just blew off her questions but she kept asking, and I just couldn't lie. When i told her she lost it. And that was her mom, who had alzheimers and we knew she was going. this is her daughter. it's going to be as much if not harder. So i just think it's best I stay because I'm stable now, and she can lean on me.

I'm SO glad i'm over that bad period. it sucks living here, but it's different when it's by choice and not necessity if that makes sense. I also feel like I'm doing the right thing, so it's not so bad. I'm only 42. there's plenty of time for me to get my stuff going again. and It's not like I can't work since I work remotely anyway.

It's not a sad time for me right now. i'm so thankful i got my cats back and for the help that people here, and the transporters gave me. Some people here donated food, gift certificates and tons of shoulders to lean on during that time. So i'm grateful beyond words to the forum here.
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Tink & Wilbur! Yay! They look great.

I also Bart! But I just love black kitties!

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, even if you are not close. I wish you the best in holding up under the pressure that is to come.
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Monkeys cuddling is a great shot! Everytime my cats strike up that pose and I grab the camera, Alley bites Persi's ear. End of shot!
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