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Please don't drink and drive

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A dear friend of mine was involved in a car accident early this am. He hit a tractor trailer head on and another car was involved. He has internal injuries and he is on life support. He isn't responding and the Dr. is saying to take it hour by hour. I would appreciate it if you could say a prayer for him and his family. They mean the world to me. Thanks.
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Oh my!! Lots of prayers and are on the way to your friend and his family.
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Many vibes and prayers for your friend. And for you.
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I'll keep your friend in mind.

But my heart also goes out to the truck driver, who may have just lost his career, has the horror of knowing he was involved in such an accident, and will at any rate probably spend a lot of time in lawyers' offices over the next couple of years.
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Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts.

mrblanche, I don't believe that the truck driver was at fault. My friend was going the wrong way on the interstate and drove head on into the truck. At any rate, I pray that he's okay and the driver of the other car is okay. There's no excuse for what he did. I hope that he lives through this and learns a big lesson.
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Sending many prayers for him. How scary.
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Your friend and everyone involved are in my prayers.
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I thought that was what you meant. What I said about the truck driver is still true; an accident like this is often the end of a career and only the beginning of a legal nightmare.

As I said, I'll keep your friend in my thoughts. Just because they do something stupid, it doesn't mean that we love them any less.
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Pardon my stupidity , but why would it be the end of the truck driver's career? I mean I know its a horrific thing to have happen and I'm sure the truck driver will endure a lot because of it. I hope that it isn't and that everything turns out good for him.
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Being involved in a serious accident, especially a fatality, puts a cloud over a driver's record that is almost impossible to remove these days. A company called DAC, much like a credit union, keeps track of drivers' records and an accident like that will be entered simply as "involved in serious injury accident." It won't say who was at fault, or anything like that, and just that notation on a driver's record may make it impossible to get hired at a new job.

Of course, right now, compared to your friend, the trucker's problems are probably trivial.
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Thank you for explaining that to me. Its horrible that even though it was the truck driver's fault that he could possibly destroy his career.

My friend is now in stable condition. I'm just so upset at his decision to get in a car and drive while drunk. Its irresponsible and selfish. I pray that no one else was hurt.
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I'm glad to hear he's in stable condition now! That's a very good sign. And, I'm sure once he recovers he will understand how stupid he was and how lucky he is. We all make stupid decisions. I know, "back in the day" I would drive at times when I really shouldn't have been behind a wheel....Thank God the only thing I did was wrap my car around a tree and no one else was involved. It was a BIG wake up call. Hopefully, this will be your friend's wake up call. Many more prayers going out for him.
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Prayers and for everyone involved.
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Thank goodness he's doing better now -- and good work on your part, using him to help discourage others from drinking and driving.
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Yes, we all do stupid things while driving. When I was much younger, I always drove 90 mph on the interstate. It didn't make any difference to me what the weather conditions were like. Even when visibility was at absolute zero, I would still go ninety. My parents were worried sick and kept telling me I was going to end up getting killed. But I was so young back then I couldn't understand why they were concerned. And now, I can't believe I did something that was so stupid and reckless.

I hope your friend wil continue to improve. Do you have any new updates on his condition?
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Hi Lorie, I tend to go faster than I should and definitely need to change that.

I haven't heard anything. I will update once I know something. Thanks for asking.
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