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Problem with Bugsy's Eye

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Ai ai ai - my lemon kitty.... He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure!
Well, as if his dental, URI, and diarrhea problems weren't enough for an unemployed meowmy, today he showed up with a little bit of what looked like being dried blood around his left eye. I cleaned it up, but at night i noticed there was a yellow discharge, and his third eyelid looks red. It is not swollen, but it is red. After cleaning his eye again, I carefully checked the inside of his top eyelid, and it is very red. The other side is a light pinkish color... The eyeball itself looks normal.
This was all of the sudden, but he has been sneezing a few times a day. Could this be herpes? He did have a pretty bad URI when he first got here, and sneezes on occasion... I do give him 500mg of L-Lysine a day, and it seems to help.
The first thing I thought was if Lucky hurt him with her claws - they play really rough, and today she showed up with a scratch below her ear.
Should I take him to the vet tomorrow? Or can I keep a close look and take him on Monday, if it doesn't get better?
What do you think? Money is extremely tight right now, but of course I will take him if it is necessary... It doesn't look bad - you really need to closely inspect to notice the red inside of his eyelid, as it is not swollen.
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You just described what happens to my Meeko when her herpes is active.
You can call the vet.
It does sound like herpes to me.
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When my two cat's had similar symptoms, the vet performed some fluorescent light test in order to determine whether it was a scratch. When they ruled out a cat scratch/injury, they diagnosed it as an infection related to the URI that existed several weeks prior. The vet then prescribed an eye ointment and the redness cleared up in a matter of days.
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