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Holy cow cali!!!!

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OK I finally got worried enough about cali and took her to the vet again, he also said she was abnormally big and wanted to do an ultrasound, when I told him I couldn't afford it he did it for free! well with the ultra sound we found out from what he could see she has 12 kittens in her MAYBE MORE!!!! I think I went Into shock at that point. He told me not to get my hopes up because as young as she is and how many kittens there are there is a good chance some might be stillborn. he put her on a high fat high protien diet to give the kittens the best chance they could have. I hope all turns out for the best! ahh what if they all come out ok? what am I gonna do with all these kittens?
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Wow indeed!!! I have no advice, but for healthy mom and kittens, and for lots of loving homes for them.
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Wow.. I must be lucky over here that my cat only produced 13 live kittens in 5 litters..
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cali, I would just make sure to have KMR in stock at home because moms only have 8 boobies, so 4 will go without. I hope all goes well with her last days/weeks of her pregnancy. Did he say when she would deliver?
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he said it should be around the beginning of may. I actually already have the KMR so i can help her out.
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Do you have any pics of her? I'm curious to see.
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Wow, she sounds like she IS big for her gestation. I had my siamese last summer who was preggo and at 3 weeks pregnant she was already huge. She ended up having 8 healthy kittens

I wish you the best with your kitty and future babies
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I do agree with the vet. It would be rare if all 12 survive this. I would imagine you may be looking at c-section too as she will not have the strength to push all the kittens out. Keep the vet on standby!
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HOLY COW IS RIGHT! Wow, that's alot of kittens!!! Since there's that many, she'll probably have them sooner than normal. As said, have KMR ready, and you'll have to be there to make sure they all get milk.
Good luck! Cali's up for alooot of work!
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I have never heard of a litter of 12 kittens. I mentioned this in the other thread maybe you could have post an adoption flyer at your vet's office if he allows you to. I hope Cali will do ok with the remaining time in her pregnancy and I hope she has a safe delivery.
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So how far along is Cali now? 4 weeks?
Oh, poor thing, she's gonna be HUGE!
You'll have to show us some pics of how big she gets!
Good luck!
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These were the best pics I could get of her I tried to flip her over but everytime i do that she thinks im playing and does that back foot kick thing and bites me. She is a medium length hair cat so her fur isn't really adding that much bulk. Im getting her shaved here soon so I should be able to get better pictures. she is about four weeks along.

She was playing with my t.v in this one.
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Wow! Ya, you can definatly see her gaining wait now!
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