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Need some advice...

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Mocha is my Siamese mix boy that I found in the middle of a shopping mall parking lot. At the time Seagulls were dive bombing his little body as he was running across the lot.

Because of this experience I believe, he has never liked anyone to be over the top of him and normally hides until everyone is down for the night. Then it's Mocha time! He is one of my bed and bathroom buddies.

I noticed in the last week or so that one of his eyes seemed to be a little cloudy. So we made an appointment to have it checked out. Our vet called us yesterday to tell me that Mocha has feline herpes. I don't understand this!!!! How??? I paid for the test because I just couldn't believe the diagnosis. It came back positive!!! But he's never really showed any signs?

He's had clear runny eyes from time to time but it always cleared up. I can remember when he had swollen eyelids but we went straight to the vet and they never said anything about herpes!!

They said that his herpes went untreated which caused the blindness!! He's never had any medical issues and goes once a year for his shots. How could I have missed this!!! It doesn't make any sense!!

He has a follow up appointment on Monday to talk about his treatment plan for his eyes. I go by on the way home today to pick up drops that
will need to be used every 2 to 3 hours.

I'm just shocked by this and how did I just not notice!!! I want to scream!

I'm sorry for the rant but I feel like such a horrible Mom right now. I'm worried about my other cats! Mocha doesn't interact with the others much but they do share food bowls and litter boxes. Mocha didn't deserves this!
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You might review this thread we were just talking about the topic of herpes: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=194491
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oh gosh, Eva! poor little Mocha! I seriously would NOT feel like a bad Mom, sometimes herpes is sometimes so asymptomatic that even a vet may not pick up on it What treatment is there for herpes though? L-lysine? that doesn't clear it up, just shortens outbreak time and if Mocha wasn't having that severe of outbreaks I'm confused as to how it escalated into blindness? But I'll admit I do not know much about Herpes in cats. This is not your fault though!
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