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Normal energy level for 6 month olds?

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My recently adopted kitties have been sick for the last two weeks. Hopefully they are over the hump...

I decided to stay home and work to see how they fare during the day. Well so far, they do nothing but lie or sit around. Look out the window occassionally. Is this pretty normal? They have been sick since day one so it's hard to gauge their personalities but so far they are not playful kitties at all.

No complaints..I'm just grateful they are not gravelly ill at this point. But I'm looking forward to seeing them 100% healthy. It's like I have yet to really meet them.
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They may be still recovering for their illnesses. Once they are 100% you will probably see an increase in activity level and playfulness. Do they have toys to play with?
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Just a turbo scratcher, the cat dancer and da bird along with a couple of small toys. One of them just caught onto the turbo but only swipes it a couple of times and is done.

I wonder if they are getting sick again...still sneezing and some discolored discharge.
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May need to go back to the vet with them. Is the problem a URI or herpes or a combination? Supplementing with L-lysine helps cats with herpes. Your vet may have to switch antibiotics if the URI seems resistant to the one they've been on.
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This is just my opinion but since they're still showing symptoms you might want to take them back to the vet for another exam just to be safe.
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Was at the vet two days ago and they got a new prescription. It's been two weeks, they have been on a myriad of meds and have seen the vet 3 times plus hospitalization at the shelter. Vet said bring them back if they're not eating and drinking. Did okay yesterday but one of them isn't eating as well and she's usually the peppier one.
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They probably still aren't feeling well, but even when they get better they're going to be sleeping a lot. My cats tend to be very active early mornings, then sleep through the middle of the day and get active again in the evening.
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Poor little mites.
When Blossom was under a year old she used to get an attack of the zoomies morning & night. She'd race through the house, & attack everyone's feet & ankles.
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