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Introducting Buddy

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Here are a couple of photos taken in the garage this morning.

The vet estimates he is about 8 months old and his weight is 10.4 pounds. Everyone thought he was pretty and he behaved well.

I let Bakker in the garage for a few minutes and it went pretty well.

I'm letting Buddy in the house for a few minutes today but he doesn't get neutered until April 20th so it visits only for now.

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That's a handsome boy you've got there, Gail! Are you keeping him after he's neutered?
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Buddy is a very Handsome fella
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he is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
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Oh, he's beautiful - I love his look in the second picture.
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After he is neutered I'll have about $300 into his health care so he is going to be around for a while!
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He is absolutely adorable!!!!
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Oh he is so handsome, Congratulations vibes for his neuter
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Very handsome boy!
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What a lovely fellow!
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Oh, he is beautiful!! Congrats on your new baby.
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He is a nice looking guy. he looks like hes smiling hes so happy!
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Well the intro's are interesting!! Bakker is in garage with him now but not lots of bonding.

I tried Grizzlie and she just growled and ran back into house. Bobber was outside and Neil opened the door to let her in-he wanted to go out then and she chased him around the yard!

I know a slow process it will be.
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What a gorgous boy he is, and so lucky to have found a wonderful new home...I am sure he'll be a great addition to the family
It may take a few days but before you know it they will all be happy together..
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What a gorgeous boy!
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Oh, my! Look at those paws! He's gonna be a big boy!! What a cutie!!
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Buddy is ridiculously cute with those big white paws, fluffy fur, and round face. I hope the intros go pretty smoothly.
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I love him! He's a handsome boy.
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