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What the Heck?! :(

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Some stupid girl gets a boyfriend and he tells her to get rid of her pets so that she can be with him...She doesn't get rid of them, she just dumps them outside her house and leaves. Stupid .

Now I have to take responsiblity and pay for her mistakes. He's not fixed, he at least has claws, but he's still a kitten. I cannot really keep him permnantly, but he's not going back outside anywhere.

Why do people do this? Who in their right mind would let someone demand they abandon their pets in order to be with them? I just fail to understand it, everytime it happens. I mean, this chick didn't even TRY to find him a home at all, just dumped him outside! Jeeze, can someone be so lazy as to not even try to use craigslist?

I know this happens over and over, but each time it is really, REALLY irritating/upsetting.
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Unfortunately, some people think of pets as disposable objects, and that type of person just shouldn't have any pets at all!!! I hope you are able to find a good permenant home for that poor kitten.
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The only words to describe that behaviour is ignorance and cruelty. When she breaks up with this idiot, she'll be looking for another pet I'm sure.
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Ladies, I have to say I am constantly amazed what you will let guys force you to do. I will say it again: If he says he hates cats, or tells you to get rid of your cat, dump him, not the cat! He DOES NOT OWN YOU!
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Silly woman. If she's letting him control her like this now heaven help her later on IF she's still with him
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Exactly. But it does happen where some women make the guys get rid of the pets. We had someone dump their 2 pits - who were euthanized - because the girlfriend demanded it. 2 weeks later (they were euthanized immediately - dangerous dogs) he was back wanting them back because they'd broke up.
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Ugh, and on top of all that...People just expect everyone else to take care of everything in regards to dealing with THEIR discarded pet.

People expect me to drive 30+ miles to pick up some animal they don't want to care for and instead will take to the Humane Soceity (which is located in the town where I live anyway)...It's ridiculous. On top of doing that, I'll have to pay for shots, spaying/neutering, etc, etc.

It's like taking care of children who keep making messes...I feel like I'm constantly responsible for other people's crap they refuse to take care of...Why don't I get paid for this?!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love helping these animals...but sometimes it's really emotionally and monetarily taxing.

Sorry, feeling a bit pouty.
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I nearly divorced my husband the first week of marriage because my cat didn't like living in his house. My husband loves animals and would never ask me to "get rid" of any of our pets but Friday wasn't happy so things weren't looking good for my hubby. Thankfully for my marriage, Friday adjusted so we're still here!
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Yuck - I truly don't understand girls who let their significant others tell them what to do like that. If mine ever made me choose between my pets and him...well, he'd be the one that I'd be putting out on the curb!
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That stupid girl who dumped her cat for her boyfriend, I'd say she got the man she deserves. Let's just hope they never reproduce.
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Originally Posted by nurseangel View Post
That stupid girl who dumped her cat for her boyfriend, I'd say she got the man she deserves. Let's just hope they never reproduce.
Yeah, or "adopt" another pet.
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