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Little update

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Hello all. Little is 10 weeks old now and getting really big! 2.8 pounds to be exact. Even though he has grown up without a mom he has learned to do everything like a real cat (lol) except groom himself. He does not groom himself AT ALL..not even one lick, and I give him a bath every 3 weeks or so because he gets so gritty feeling I don't want him snuggling in my bed. I am hoping he will eventually learn. He loves to play in his litterbox.

He is like the energizer bunny and never stops bouncing and pouncing and running and climbing. He is catching up pretty well in some areas but is still the clumsiest, most accident prone kitten I have ever met. He is constantly falling off things or running into something (the wall) head first etc. He is learning to play with my other cats pretty well but still is a little unsure sometimes. Funny how he is so comfortable around all people and is one of the first of my crew to pop out and greet visitors but takes quite a while to warm up to other animals.

Here are a few new pics of the little (big) buggar

Little and Kiwi, my quaker
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I can't believe how big he is now You have done such a great job with him. He probably thinks he is human and you are his mom. Cats are like...animals
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When is he scheduled for neuter? He sounds like he's doing great - will be a big boy if he's almost 3 lbs at a 2 1/2 months old.
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Little has turned in to a very handsome young man. You have done a great job with him.
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Wow look at him!! He's adorable!!!! And so big already compared to when you first posted pics of him!!!
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Wow! He's grown so much! Congrats, you did a great job with him!
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I'm glad he is doing great. Do you have any other cats in your home that he could observe and learn grooming from ?
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Weird he's not grooming himself. Monster always groomed himself, and he didnt grow up around any other cats. Mittens didnt come into the picture til Monster was almost a year old. I'm sure he will learn soon tho. Especially since you have other cats he could probably learn from.

Anyway, he has grown up into SUCH a handsome boy! I can't believe how big he has gotten!
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Thanks for the update; I was wondering when you'd post again! You must be so proud of how well Little is doing.

The grooming issue strikes me as odd, but I've never had a bottle baby. Ten weeks is still young, so maybe he will learn from your older cats, as Kittylove suggests.
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He is scheduled for a neuter the day he turns 6 months old lol

The grooming is odd to me, too, but he always has been a little bit developmentally behind. Oh well, he tolerates his baths very well so if he refuses to groom himself he can just get bathed lol. I keep meaning to pick up some pet wipes and I forget every time I'm at the petstore.
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Well, at least he doesn't have long hair! What a cutie.

Good luck, and I look forward to the next update!
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How come at 6 months? He can be neutered at 3-4 months old. You know he's capable of breeding as early as 4 months
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Luna wouldn't groom herself neither and she was a bottle baby, rescued her at 4 weeks.
She never groomed herself at all - so I was bathing her every 3 weeks or so, and then she started giving herself a few licks but not really doing much -and only when she absolutely had to. I don't think I noticed her grooming herself properly until about 5 months - and I think it also has to do with her realising I won't bath her if she grooms herself... but she's still quite clumsy at it - if she's trying to groom her back leg or back paw or something, she usually falls over.

But other than that. Wow! Little is looking great! You must be so proud
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Your Little is so adorable! I love your description of him and how he runs into things. Life is just one big party to him!! I have 10 day old kittens from our barn cat and I can't wait till they are as active as he is! Sometimes I think we should look at life like kittens once in a while; the world would probably be a better place!
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There is evidence showing neutering that early may retard the development of the urethra, which is why I am waiting until 6 months-ish. What I need less than another cat is a FLUTD cat He is not in contact with any intact females so breeding is not an issue
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