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Anyone elses cat do this?

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Cammy follows me around every week day morning, meowing pitifully as I get ready for work. At first it worried me, because she sounded SO sad! But eventually I'm like, "Oh yeah, she knows I'm going to work." Poor girl.
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Zane does this sometimes.
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Binks does allways, every day. Her fav is when I have a day off and do the house work. If only I could teach her to help and not just watch.
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Farley waits on the cat tree by the door when he sees me putting my shoes on, so he can get the last tummy rubs before I leave
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I don't work right now so I'm home most of the time, so Beau's used to having me home. He follows me everywhere. He doesn't have to be in my arms or anything all the time, but he has to be in the same room as me. I wonder if I were out regularly, if he would do something like meowing before I leave. The one day I had to be out like more than 12 hours for a wedding, we came home to find pieces of poop in several places on the floor. I was worried he was sick, but hubby said Beau was mad at us for leaving him alone all day. That's the only time it happened and he seemed to be normal when we got back.
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I don't have the same thing exacly with leaving, but 2 of our three expect me to come home from work, Monday to Friday at 5:30.

The one odd behaviour is Kasey, the 8 to 10 year old torti I rescued from one of our comany's sites, almost a year ago.

I am not supposed to leave to go anywhere on a weekend or vacation day; unless I tell her I'm going. This sounds eccentric but we have proven it is true when I leave and my wife stays home, Kasey wanders around, agitated for a while.

We first discovered this a few months after she settled in. A friend of mine (who has cats too) and I were doing some pre-planing of work we were going to do on one of my wife's friend's motorcycles, which was in our attached garage.

We were leaving for a club meeting in a few minutes after we were done w/the bike. I opened the walkthrough door to the house to tell me wife we were leaving and there was Kasey. I told my friend "look she wants to go to the meeting too, ha ha" and closed the door.

After we left, my wife said Kasey became upset I had left and added, "when you leave from now on, you have to tell her and ask permission to go", she was joking.

However, I started doing that, as a joke at first; and it works
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My girls CeCe does this too. As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning she is right there and following me EVERYWHERE..I make my coffee and she sit in the sink watching me, i shower and she is on the toilet waiting..i sit down she lays down, I get up and she gets up..I LOVE

Our other cat is like that with my BF, he literally cries when he leaves the is too cute..
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Begging Meowmy to stay home! Awwww.. so precious.

No one here meows at my departure, but Punky & Billy will trill. Everyone (except for Shadow) crowds on the bed and stare at me quietly as I'm getting ready. To leave I have to go through the kitchen, so they all follow and assume the same positions on the kitchen table, staring at me as I put my shoes on. It's a cute sight!
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Aw, it makes you feel so guilty leaving! Maggie doesn't follow me but when I grab my keys she runs for the front window to watch me drive away. Her little face is pasted on the window mewing and I always feel sooo bad!!
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Aya's not normally very talkative (I think since she was orphaned at 3-4wks she never really learned to speak 'cat'), but she follow's me around and chirps at me when I go through my morning routine prior to leaving. It's totally a "Mommy, don't leave me!" thing.

It got so bad around 4 months that I had to close the door on her when I went to put makeup on in the bathroom. This was her clue that I was going. She'd chirp mournfully and try and climb my legs. ven tried to launch herself at me, which wound up with me having a lot of cat claw dig marks on my thighs and buttocks, which resulted in me closing her out of the bath while I was getting gussied up.

Cat with serious separation issues!
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Autumn dosn't meow when I leave but she follows me all over, and when I get back she comes running up and meowing then....I can't tell if she is saying she's happy I'm back or cussing me for leaving
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Yes! Georgia follows me EVERYWHERE. Not just when I'm leaving for work, but no matter what. And when I do come back from leaving, she's standing on the inside of the door meowing at me and rolling around.

I swear she can read a clock because as soon as 8am passes on Saturday morning and she realizes I'm not going to work she starts to race around the house as happy as can be.
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Originally Posted by zephyer78 View Post
Autumn dosn't meow when I leave but she follows me all over, and when I get back she comes running up and meowing then....I can't tell if she is saying she's happy I'm back or cussing me for leaving
Yes, Cammy totally yells at us when we come back. And she needs lots of attention so she can feel better. She's VERY talkative. She likes to make sure her opinion is ALWAYS known by anyone within earshot!
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These last several months at my job, they have cut my days like with many others at this job. When I first got Avalon over a month ago and she was three months old. I was off for a little bit. When I went back to work, she whines when I get back home and then she does biting and scratching. She does have a problem with me going to work. She wants me home with her all the time.

Avalon does whine a lot but it is better than growling. She especially whined a lot when we first got her since she missed her identical twin who was not placed yet. Now her twin has been placed.
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3 out of our 4 cats are really clingy and follow us everywhere like shadows. They say cats are independent but I really think it depends on whether they have people at home with them. Mu hubby worked from home when they were little so they were used to having someone around.
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