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Well, I certainly take this as a compliment. My husband`s freind said that if reincarnation does exist then he wants to come back as one of Linda`s cats, because they are sure spoiled. Yup, they are, they drink bottled water out of long stem goblets, and when it is chilly and they lay on a patio chair outside they get a blanket on them, and they get toys and more toys! Love my cats! Linda
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Before he died, my husband Russ, said that he wanted to come back as a cat and live with me. He couldn't think of a cushier life and he'd still get to sleep with me! Russ told me to look our for a funny-looking cat, with a mustache, smoking a cigar - that would be him. Gotta love a man with a sense of humor!
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LOL, Cindy. I'll keep my eyes open for that one!
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What a wonderful thought Russ had for you, he must of been a wonderful man, may God bless him. Linda
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I'd love my husband to say something like that. That's so cool!
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That sure would make me feel good, too! What a nice thing to say!
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