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Daily Thread TGIF April 3rd

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Morning folks!

14 degrees and rainy today. Blah. And I think we are expecting snow next week. I was going to get my winter tires off this weekend..but I will wait one more week.

Nothing much happening then gym. I think we are watching the movie "The Vangaurd" tonight.

Okay, have a good one folks!
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Good morning

Its yet again rainy out this morning, but is supposed to clear up a little later and be about 78ºF today. The Flowertown Festival starts today through Sunday, so I'm going to be scoping it out later this morning to see what I want, and what to get my mom for her birthday. And catch some deals on shoes at the pole studio They're also selling shirts at about $10 off, and if you get spotted wearing one of the shirts out in the festival, they are giving away free stuff (classes, practices, etc. They are valued at $35/each alone).

Working 5:20am-9:20am this morning, what a weird feeling getting up at 4am to leave for work! It's so different being here so early The lab is so quiet. A few of my coworkers are here now too though.

Rob's grandparents and aunt came in from Maine yesterday, so we'll probably hang out for a bit before bowling tonight. Then Rob and I will be hitting up the festival together tomorrow.

Have a great day & weekend!
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I'm heading out shortly for Corpus Christi. Should be home by noon tomorrow.

Windy but sunny, I think. The bluebonnets, plox, Indian paintbrush, clover, etc. are all blooming.
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Morning All!!!

Another rainy one here as well. I think it is about 8C so that's okay though. And yes we also have snow forecast for the weekend not to thrilled about that.

Heading off for a doctor's appointment shortly. Nothing serious just renewing some prescriptions, and some test results.

After that I am meeting my sister for lunch, then we are going shopping for some odds and ends.

The kitties are good this morning, sitting in the window watching the world go by.

Everyone have a great day
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Cool and light rain now and heavy rain later on. April Showers bring may flowers but I'm getting tired of the rain all ready.Not a thing planned for today, just hanging around the house doing some cleaning.. After I get off the computer
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No rain today but good chance of snow Sat nite through Sunday.

I've heard from a couple of my customers and got a spring cleaning up job through a place I have advertising. However too cold and wet to do any clean up yet.
But I may have lost one of my largest commercial jobs at least until the economy improves. I should have more details on that one later this month.

Buddy's vet appt went great and I'm uploading pics to post here shortly.

Might try to do some of my yardwork this afternoon if the temps rise. Its windy and overcast currently.

Splurged and salmon pinwheels stuffed with lobster for dinner as I have to inform him of me taking buddy to vet and this is is new home.
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Was pouring rain out earlier, now it has stopped but still very cloudy. I had to wait for the telephone guy to come since I was having a very loud noise on my phone, one of the wires had to be repaired outside. I thought it was my phone but glad it wasn't, it's only two years old. Enjoy the day everyone.
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It was here a nice sunny day today. It soon will be midnite and is still somewhat warm.
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