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Harry has hurt his paw

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Harry came in 2 days ago unable to put any weight through his left front paw. I brought him to the vets that evening (it's just a small walk-in clinic; the main clinic is 20 miles away). She couldn't really assess him properly as he kept trying to bite her. She seemed a bit inexperienced to be honest. She gave him an anti-inflammatory but I have to bring him in today so that they can take him over to the main clinic and investigate what's wrong.

I had a feel of his joints and I don't think anything is broken. The vet said it might be an abscess from a bite, but I would have thought that all he would need to do is take an antibiotic for that? I just really hate putting him through the trauma of undergoing a long car journey, sedation and the fact that he is going mad for food at the moment and I can't give him any. Not to mention the fun of getting him into his cage!

Please send vibes that he will be okay.
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Poor Harry! Lots of his way to a quick recovery!
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I totally understand your anxiousness! Vibes for your baby!
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Poor Harry! I hope it turns out to be something minor.

for Harry paw.
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If he'll let you feel up and down the leg for any heat (if there was an abcess you would see it/feel heat) Also feel for any particular place that really bothers him as well as check the pads of his paws. If there is nothing obvious he probably just strained it. This has happened to Cello twice now, he was lame to the point of walking on three legs, but within a day or two got better. He just landed funny on it. for your kitty!
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One of my cats used to like to lay on the edge of the bed with me and one day he fell off. The next day he started limping on his front paw so I carted him to the vet (this was on a Sat) the vet looked him over and did an xray because we thought maybe he had fractured something when he fell out of bed. The x rays came back ok and it was deemed he had sprained his foot and we were sent home with some pain meds and instructions to just rest his leg.

2 days later on Monday (Christmas Eve) his foot was really swollen and warm to the touch. I called the vet and brought him in and we had him sedated so they could further examine his paw. While he was under the vet found a very small slit between the pads of his foot. Since it was Christmas time we had our tree up and the cats used to knock down the ornaments. Well a small piece of ornament (think little sliver) had gotten into his paw and was starting to abcess. He removed the sliver wrapped his paw up in pretty Christmas colors and gave us some antibiotics. Poor Frisky was the talk of our Christmas Eve party as he was drunker than any of our guests were from being knocked out earlier in the day.

Anyways my point is an abcess doesn't always show as one right away it may appear to be something else at first and also if they abcess is because he stepped on something or got something small lodged there it is best to have them explore and remove what is causing it.
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Thanks for your replies everyone. I was away over the weekend so didn't have internet access.

Well the vet couldn't find anything wrong so thinks it was just a sprain. He is one anti-inflammatories and antibiotics just in case. The poor thing is very bored as we're supposed to keep him pretty confined. He is putting weight on his paw as normal and doesn't seem to be in any pain.

I'm just so glad that it was nothing too serious. He was so terrified at the vets on friday. As soon as I got into the car I burst into tears; I hated leaving him so much! My OH looked after him for the weekend as it was my hen party so I couldn't really cancel.
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