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Java has a sore paw!

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Java's left paw has a strange looking claw thing... looks like the pad has sorta 'split' at the base where the claw retracts. it's dirty looking & feels slightly warm... i'll be calling the vet in the morning, but figured she could use some of those powerful 'healing' TCS & in the meantime!
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Ruh roh! Sending mega hope-there-is-nothing-seriously-wrong and healing vibes to Java!!

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here are some pix... not as clear as i'd like!
ETA: sharpened them up some...

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Many Vibes for little Java
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Oh I hope its nothing serious
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Furrari tore a claw like that once. His bled all over the place. I cleaned it several times a day and kept an eye on it. It healed up fine though it was always split.

This is one reason to keep a cat's claws trimmed so that they do not catch on something and tear when the cat struggles to get loose.

A trip to the vet is always a good thing and I'm not suggesting you treat it yourself. If Furrari's toe had looked the least bit inflamed we would have been at the vet's in a flash.

for Java.
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Oh poor baby Many vibes everything turns out okay
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