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Bottom lip seems to be swollen

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Sorry for the bad pic, but does anyone have an idea why his bottom lip would be swollen?

I recently switched foods, also, very important this specific cat has stomatitis. Although its very mild. I also used kitty teeth wipes 3 days ago. Maybe I hit his lip in the process of trying to clean his teeth? Or maybe he's allergic?

Anyway I'm taking him to the vet hopefully Saturday. I will call tomorrow for an appointment. I hope its nothing too bad.
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Boy that could be a number of things and I'll just give you some ideas to talk through with your vet.

Different food has different levels of oils. Unless you wash your bowls every day, residual oil can cause things like feline acne. Doesn't really look like acne, but sometimes it does cause excessive swelling.

I have a cat with rodent ulcer where his gums swell up like yours. He gets flare ups when I don't wash the bowls daily, and sometimes for no reason at all. An anti-inflamatory and antibiotics clears it up right away.

Could be a sensitivity to the wipes.

Could be the stomatitis has spread to his gums, which are inflaming his lips.

In any case, good luck at the vets and let us know what it is. Poor baby!
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Took Kuki to my vet today. He got a shot of depremedrol and was given antibiotics for 7 days. I'm thinking I'm going to change vets at least for this one kitty. He does not seem to know much about feline stomatitis. He said Kuki has a rodent ulcer which is related to stomatitis. It could be since i've done research and others have suggested his swollen lip to be just that. However, when i look at various pictures it does not look like what kuki has. I've read food changes could be a possibility (which i did change his food) and possible flea bite, which could be possibly because 4 days ago or so he was playing with my moms dog who apparently had fleas.

Either way i know im not a vet, but i've done quite a bit of research and i think its time to find someone else who can truly help my kuki. When he was about to suggest that it was a rodent ulcer i actually finished his sentence. He was like how do you know about that lol. I told him well i do my research, i'm a member of a cat forum and a feline stomatitis group only.

Anyways thats the result of my vet visit $92 later lol
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You are doing the right thing in being proactive in his care. Hes a lucky Kuki to have you. I hope you find out exactly what it is for him.
Sending loads of vibes his way.
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