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? about cats teeth

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wendy is a very good cat but she has been biting alot lately .is she teething do cats do that she is 9 months old she never bit unless i was playing w\\ her and she didnt want to be bothered .

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Laura at nine months old kittens aren't teething. They get their full set of adult teeth by the time they are 7 months old. It is likely that this kitten needs some interactive playtime with a toy on the end of a fishing pole, a long feather- or something that keeps your fingers out of reach. If you have been playing that cute game of fingers under the blanket,you will need to stop playing it, for cats are not dumb they understand that even if the hand is under the blanket at the time, they know right where that creature belongs, on the end of your arm.

She might be biting out of pain, so it is a good idea to take her to the vet and have her checked out as well. Biting is a common stimulus to pain in kitties.

Good luck!
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Moving this to Behavior.....
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yea your right hissy but another thing is that she dosent have any teeth behind her fangs and she was fixed april 24 and she still has a scab on the bottom if the incision very thing else is healed but this little opening will not heal and it keeps opening i just dont understand why she dosent have teeth behind her fangs and why she is biting more now then ever
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With that being told, please take this kitten to the vet on Monday. Her mouth problems need to be checked out.
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I too would take her to the vet. The incision should have healed well and truly by now. I would also ask for a dental examination as well.
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im taking wendy to the vet tomm im a lttle nervous but im sure everything will be ok the vet is just going to check her out hanks guys
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Good luck! She is a beautiful cat, she reminds me of my Ripster.
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How did the vet visit go?
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it went good she has all of her teeth and the scab onher belly from when she got fixed looks better the vet says if it dosent heal in 2 weeks ti bring her back . soo the only thing that is wrong is that she is over weight but im still feeding her kitten food so im going to switch when she is done w\\ it but thats all she dosent even look fat and she is very active ,
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