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For everyone that has lost a cat...

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Stop by this thread and recall one significant memory of your dearly departed kitty.

One of my faves of Mr Jinx was the night I had my car crash in November 2006. I came home and sat on the bed. I finally laid down on the bed and he comes in the room, lays down next to me and puts his chin and paws on my arm and just purred until we both fell asleep.
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I was single, had Orf and Annie (littermates), they were about 9 months old. One day I came home for lunch from work and Annie literally met me at the door, meowing loudly. She had never done this before. Usually they were calmly asleep on the couch when I came in, which I always considered a good sign things were okay.

She wouldn't leave me alone, and Orfie wasn't with her, so I immediately became concerned. I looked everywhere for him, with her following me. Even in the fridge (I'm not a morning person - thought maybe I'd closed him up in therebefore work.)

A few minutes later a neighbor from 1st floor (I lived on the 3rd floor) knocked on my door asking if I had a cat. He had pushed through a window, fallen onto their metal awning (making quite a loud crash, I understand) and then landed on the ground. Thankfully, they were home or Orf may have run off and I probably never would have seen him again. But it was Annie who initially clued me in to the fact something was wrong. Orfie lived to be 12, Annie made it to almost 20, and died in 2007.

There are a million more, but I won't bore you...
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I guess one of the best memories I have of Pause was really the first day I saw him. His eyes were practically goobered shut but when I picked him up he just purred and purred and purred even though he was totally disgusting. I just knew I was going to take him home, he was such a cool little kitten. I just remember holding him all the time and telling him "Man if I could take you home I'd name you Pause!"

A funny sort of memory is that he liked to chew on things and he chewed the water hose to the freezer compartment in the refridgerator and got water all over the kitchen!
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Hard to choose just one!

One of the funniest was in the wee hours one saturday morning, Kitty came in through the catflap yowling really loudly. I knew that sound.He had something in his mouth that was making him sound funny and I groaned because I was sure he had got another live mouse or live bird that he was going to 'release' in the flat.

So, I roll over and open my eyes and can`t quite believe the size of the thing in his mouth which he plops down right next to my bed looking very pleased with himself

On closer inspection I see it is a giant slice of ham that he had in his mouth that was folded in half. Seriously, it was the size of a slice of gammon

Lord knows where he got it from but it went in the bin.
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Sydney was a tuxedo cat. I loved it when I called for him when he was outside and I would hear a happy meow "momma i'm here!" and he would come running towards me across the green grass as green as his eyes, with tail straight up and fluffy. Than I would pick him up and give him kisses and smell the mix of fresh air, earth and grass and the special smell my baby had. He was such a sweet sweet boy.
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This is about my RB baby boy Wukong. He lived till 11 months and passed away from FIP which he got from his mommy. What made this particular memory precious is the fact that Wukong is not at all a lapcat and would normally not even tolerate being carried for more than 2 seconds.

When he was about 6 months old, I had to send him to stay at my friend's place for a while, and in a freak accident, he had a fall out of a 4th storey window. While that didn't injure him physically, he was in shock and stayed under my friend's bed after returning from the vet, refusing to eat or drink or respond to my friend at all.

I went to visit and my friend told me he'd sequestered himself against the furthest wall and just wanted to be left alone, so I sat cross-legged on the floor and talked to my friend asking what happened and so on so forth. While we were chatting, I felt a wam furry body clamber over my legs and looked down to see a very miserable Wukong curled up in a tight ball where my legs were crossed
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