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Brandy update....follow up xrays on her tumor

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Original story here:

I had my baby in today for her follow up xrays.

The tumor is substantially larger than the 2cm x 2cm it was last year....almost triple the size.

The good news is that it has NOT gotten into the bone and it's about 1.5" away from her eye, another very good thing. If you look at it, it looks like its right against the eye, but via xray it shows that it isn't. It's growing out against skin rather than in against bone.

We have not had it biopsied, no point really. 99% of these tumors are cancerous.

I had a very lengthy talk with the vet, and now I understand more of why they wouldn't recommend surgery last year when it was small....

- they like to have 2cm minimum of good tissue around the tumor before they will operate, and even when the tumor was small there was not that much room around it.
- of course the risk of anesthetic on an older dog.

So my mind/heart are at peace knowing that very few vets would have operated to try to remove it, and the ones that would are not ones I would want caring for my animals.

In general, Brandy is in good health She is overweight again (which in a sense is good....the tumor will cause weight loss and it has not) and I know why she's overweight. The vet wants her at about 50lbs, she's 60.5lbs. Since the tumor got larger I have no been able to walk her as she does not walk on a collar, she uses a Halti which goes around the well as to convince her to eat, I've been mixing some wet food in with the dry without altering the amount of dry. So we'll keep with a maintenence type diet, and I will just remember to lessen the dry food when I feed wet.

Her arthritis is doing well, as in not causing her pain.

She is developing cataracts.... normal for a 10yr old dog.

Aside from the tumor, she's great.

I asked alot of questions.... my one fear was that the tumor would go into her brain and possibly make her attack one of us. My vet said yes that is a possibility BUT other things would happen before that would. The tumor would hit her eye first and cause it to bulge and possibly pop out of the socket before it would enter her brain. So that put me at ease in a sense, as when the tumor does reach her eye like described, she will be put to sleep. My vet said that it would be incredibly painful when it reaches her eye.

So what my vet said to look for:

- weight loss/not eating
- sore mouth
-eyes.... different sized pupils or one sticking out further than the other
-green discharge from nose or eyes
- discolouration of the tumor (the tumor itself could start rotting)

Bottom line, she's still doing surprisingly well I hope it stays that way.
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Aw, I hope it stays that way too Chris! Poor Brandy!
I'll be praying for her!!
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Originally Posted by lil maggie View Post
Aw, I hope it stays that way too Chris! Poor Brandy!
I'll be praying for her!!
Thank you It was a very stressful day..... I'm really hoping she keeps on plugging along...

Maybe with alot of magic TCS the tumor will quit growing. Now that would be a miracle....

I'm ready, but I'm not.... you all know what I mean? We already have an arrangment for when her time comes, as I will not let her suffer.

I'm just scared, it tripled in size in a year, if it increases by 1/2 it will be in her eye.

My poor daughter.... she is going to be the worst to deal with. I brought Brandy home and explained prior about them sedating her and that she was fine but dopey. Ken was soooo scared...Brandy was walking funny, acting funny, and it took me a while to calm my daughter down.... she thought Brandy was dying right there.... It's gonna be sooo hard.
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That's really great news that it hasn't spread to her bones...That means it hasn't spread anywhere else right?? I hope she keeps doing so well!!
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That's awesome news!!!! I am so glad she is ok.... Poor Kendra... That's got to be scary for her... That's one of the hardest things about having a pet - they come with an expiration date - for Kendra, all she has know, by judging their close ages, is life with Brandy... I am glad Brandy is going to stick around for a while!
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Lots and lots of that the tumor will quit growing!!
And lots of for you and your family!
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
That's really great news that it hasn't spread to her bones...That means it hasn't spread anywhere else right?? I hope she keeps doing so well!!
No, unfortunately it doesn't. She may have cancer cells anywhere in her body now but we wouldn't know that without a CT scan, lots of $$$.

It's nothing something I will do because we already know that this will be the cause of her death, with her being 10yrs old any treatment would cause more negative effects than in my eyes, there's no point of spending lots of $$$ just to potentially hear bad news.

But I am very happy.... if it had spread to her jaw, it would cause more pain, eating probs, etc...

I know it does hurt her a bit, kinda like a woman's belly when pregnant...the stretching skin can be uncomfortable. Aside from that, she "seems" pain free right now.

Keep those vibes coming please. They must do something because I got them last time I posted about her tumor, and the result was good news today
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That's wonderful that Brady is doing well right now. Many vibes for much more time with him!

And, your daughter may surprise you when the time comes. If I remember from another thread, she is around 10 or 11 now? I was 12 when my parents had to put my "big brother" to sleep. Sabre was a German Shepard/Collie mix and was 15 yrs old. I was an only child so he was my only sibling in my mind growing up. We were inseparatable. But, when he start obviously being in pain my parents felt it was time. He had tumors and couldn't walk (dad had to carry him up the stairs to sleep in my room). I was sad to see him go, but I was sadder seeing him suffer. I cried, I missed him, but I cried more seeing him in pain.

Right now he's doing ok, so let her enjoy her time with him and make more memories. She will know you did the right thing when you have to do it.
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Still sending much needed for Brandy!
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Glad to hear things are quite well with Brandy! Of course, we all hope the cancer hasn't spread elsewhere and that the tumour will stop growing. Many comforting vibes to you and your daughter, who sounds incredibly attached to Brandy, as well as hugs and vibes to Brandy for being such a brave, sweet doggy
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Thank you all
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