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Rolling In Dog Pee? What?!

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We have a very elderly dog here who has some incontinence issues, so potty spots have unfortunately become very common (as has carpet cleaner!). My sweet little Johnboy, so prim & proper, has developed a horrible habit of rolling in these dog pee spots loooong after they've been cleaned (weeks). Our carpet cleaner is supposed to neutralize enzymes, so I'm not sure how he knows where they are.. let alone why he rolls around in them. Not to mention the pure joy he seems to be experiencing.. rubbing his face all over, purring like mad, talking.

Now, this dog did bite him when he was a small kitten after he startled her while she was sleeping. Only one puncture wound, but it was horrible.. he was so lucky he didn't lose his eye - the entire side of his face was so swollen that he looked like an English Bull Terrier! But the incident didn't seem to phase him. Seconds later he was ready to be back at play and to this day is not afraid of her.

Can anyone connect this for me?! I'm puzzled.

And don't worry: all of the cats & the particular dog have been separated 100% of the time since!
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If Johnboy is finding the spots, you might want to change the enzyme cleaner that you are using. Either they are not doing the job, or are leaving a residual odor that is attracting Johnboy. If they are not doing the job, then I would guess that Johnboy is marking over the spot with his body. If its leaving a residual odor, then Johnboy is relishing in that odor.

Just my thoughts......
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I never even thought about the cleaner leaving an odor itself! Thanks for the idea! We'll have to try some others out and see if he quits.

It's actually really cute too. Maybe if I wear some of the cleaner he will start cuddling with me like that!
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