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Starving Sphynx

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OK, so Zee imagines he never gets fed. He will follow us around and chirrup to remind you that he is still there, still waiting

He eats two three ounce cans of wet food each day and has dry to nibble as he feels the need.

Its been a long time since a kitten was in the house and I dont know if I have simply forgotten that they are starving or maybe he is just a piglet in disguise.

For the wet it is Wellness and his dry is a mix of Natures Variety and Pro Plan (that was suggested by his breeder and works well for him) he weighs in at 6 pounds, maybe a little more by now and will soon be 6 months.

Is he starving? I guess while I find his antics amusing, I worry at the same time.

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Sphynx eat more then other breeds of cats.
Its normal.
They have a high metabolism.
I was told that before I got Cleo.
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You think I need to up the amount of wet food he gets? I was told they do eat more, I was just not sure how much more he would want to eat..poor little fella LOL
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I give Cleo one can of wet a day and let her eat as much dry as she wants.
She is a pig.
She gets Royal Canin kitten 36 dry and Natural Balance wet.
The Royal Canin is what the breeder fed her before i got her.
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With four adult Sphynx and now kittens too, I go thru TONS of wet and dry food. Sphynx have a higher metabolism because their bodies have to struggle balance their core temperatures. They eat and drink lots.....I keep kitten food out for my cats, even for my adults everyone is free feed dry kitten. Then they eat wet in the morning and wet before bed. Everyone maintains very good healthy weights that way.
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You should she how much water Cleo drinks.
I wonder how much food I should bring to the cat show?
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Zee looks wonderful, maintains a good weight. Melange is just as much a pig and she is just starting to get some weight on her. She is a retired breeder who just turned two in December, so we are trying to "fatten" her. She is sooooo sweet and cuddly, a most awesome cat!!! I am thinking Zee will be just as sweet and cuddly as an adult, he absolutely loves people and purrs constantly!

I think I might up the wet food portions for him, he may need more. I know the altered males of this breed tend to get portly as they age and I want to avoid that.
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No, but the "rex" family (Cornish, Devon, Sphynx) will do their best to convience you they are starving to death even if they just ate!

You never should leave Rexes or Sphynx free feed for longer then 4 months because they will gain too much weight. I found out the hard way with my Rex kittens and free feeding PLUS feeding kitten food. They had NO tuck up when they were 4 months old. A few Rex breeders asked about the kittens - they stop kitten food at 4 months and go to adult foods twice a day.

After that, I never had an overweight Rex kitten/adult cat. That is why I don't feed kitten food to any of my cats after they are 4-5 months old. If Rex kittens ate kitten food for a "year" they would look like a watermelon!

As long are your Sphynx is eating well and at the proper weight, he's fine the way you are feeding. Just tell him that he's NOT dying or starving
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Zee looks good, very active and bright eyed. He has not been fed kitten food since he came home a month ago.

I will just continue to monitor him and see how things go.
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Good idea! Sprout (my 3yo Sphynx) always acted like he was starving too, and with his food intolerances I can't leave dry food out for him so I was always worried he wasn't getting enough. I was offering him up to 12oz of wet food per day, and he was gobbling it all and begging for more. He has now developed quite a pot belly! After his check-up last week he is now on a diet. Don't let him fool you - I think these kitties would blow themselves up like goldfish if we let them!
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Go by their weight. I could let my Sphynx cat free feed until around 9 months, not kitten food either, I switched her to adult food when I got her. around 9 months she was as big as a house, it just crept up and needed to be put on a schedule. She was always eating the whole time. Eating and eating and eating.
She gets crazy around food time and lives to eat. She will steal food from dogs and people. She is not picky, she will eat vegetables and fruits. She eats plenty and looks in great weight, she is just obsessed with food
They are a funny breed.
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They seem to eat anything.
Cleo will eat most anything and I always find her in the kitchen searching for more food.
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They both act as though feeding time will never get here LOL Both of them happily eat anything as well.
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Cleo is the only cat I know that likes Clavamox.
She likes Cefa also.
The other cats hate that stuff.

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Monty loves his food way too much. He is a much larger pig than my girls are! He does though, have competition in the "who's a bigger mooch" category. Our little Devon kitten who is a month older than Monty has learned mooching from our supper plates. We eat in the tv room on our recliners and watch the news, and Oreo thinks she can help us clean our plates...hubby is not impressed, but at the same time laughs about it.

I am hoping they'll all calm down on the soft food though. With the 7 cats, only Bob doesn't eat soft and I feed 2 cans of soft (Friskies) in the morning and 2 again at supper. The plates are licked totally clean LOL. They are free fed all day on HealthWise.
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I forgot to remove a dish the other day and Cleo ate everything.
She is such a pig.
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Zee will eat anything he can get his greedy paws on. I made mac and cheese the other night..this paw was reaching out of the covers trying ot get a bite He absolutely loves the stuff, my husband says "its not a kitten..tis a beast!!!!" Hilarious, but he is so cute. Melange is not much better, but is more polite in her begging ways.
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Sphynx will eat things no other cat will touch.
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