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Saturday's Dt

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Hi!Icky day in NY Rainy !Not a day to paint,which is ok,since I haven't got all the paint dust cleaned up yet!We had to sand the ceiling's and now we have to wash everything! What a pain!!I have paint dust everywhere!Hope everyone has a good day!
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Hot, hot, hot! I dropped $108 at WalMart, this morning - dog/cat food, litter, a color cartridge for my printer and an optical mouse. Also, I got a backpack, to carry my stuff to work. We were informed that it isn't safe to put stuff in the luchroom refrigerators (theft) and I need to carry a folder of papers, until I get everything down cold. The backpack will hold my lunchbag and assorted junk.

Mark called, this morning. They're dedicating the babies, tomorrow morning. Looks like I'm going to church in Benson. Their denomination doesn't baptize or christen babies - they dedicate them to God. The premise is that the babies don't belong to Mark and Sam - they're on loan from God.

More good news - Mark found a job, with an electrician. He's been an apprentice, before and they've guaranteed him 300 days work. This will run them through the time for Sam to go back to work. Maybe they can get their own place. Since Sam teaches preschool, she doesn't have to have daycare - the girls will go to work with her.

Have a good weekend.
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