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my cat..... shes/hes but i think shes.... shes an outdoor cat and she come in side the house ocasionally.

i have a bird in cage. whenever she comes in... sometimes she stare at the bird sometimes she walk toward it and stare at it closely. everytime i see her wlak towar dthe bird i always block her and make her distracted off the bird.

this time... the very first time i saw her in unleashed inuyasha. she came in side.... she always try to go close to the bird... and i block... but thsi time she dont give up easily... usually she always give up when i block her.... this time she kept on pushing closer and closer even when im blocking.... sudden her bavavior change.... she bite my fabric of pants and a si look at her face..... it was like its not my cat!!!! her fac eis all serious and mean... and first time she bite my pants! and not jus playing bite but nite in a serious way..... its like its her true wild instinct unleashed!

i got scared..... i rushly pick up the bird cage and put it inside the room. then have her out.

im thinking hunger make he rbe like that? and the fact that bid and cat are prey and predator.... make her like that? but usually shes not way serious like this when shes close to the bird... i think what triggers her to be like this is hunger...

cause.... i bought her new cheap kind of cat food brand.... cats are picky on food right? she dont eat it. i havent buy the same food i usually bought for a while. i guess shes hungry and see the bird which makes her very hungry and her true natural animal instinct got unleashed.

i hear in situations like a trained animals in zoo or tiger othe rplace else... people trained and everthing and still attack their master. i think animal is animal but it is posible to not make their true insinct apear.

ps. those that dont know what inuyasha is.... it is an anime. inuyasha is the main character. he is half demon dog and half human. he unleash his true demon blood and go wild when he is angry and he will be out of controll... he dont know what foe or friend is... he dont know who is who... he attack everything.