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Carport Cat

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I am writing this because of a cat that my neighbor owns. I don't hate cats, I love them, I just have strong allergies that keep me from being near them. I was hoping for friendly advice on how to make my carport an uninteresting place to him. He recently started spraying. As I am house breaking a puppy, I am getting tired of cleaning up funny smells. We have never feed the cat or encourged it to hang out, because of my allergies. I have cleaned out the carport and sprayed it down with citris orange spay as I have read cats don't like the smell. This didn't work with him. I have read spicy works as well, but this is a carport, not a flower bed. The motion lights don't chase him off, and he is very people unfriendly. What else can I do to discourage the visits?
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First of all, talk to the neighbor and let them know that their cat is spraying on your property. If the cat is not neutered, ask them to do that to lessen the chance that he will mark. Also ask them to keep food around their house to make it more attractive for the cat to hang out there, rather than your place.

My dogs do keep non-resident cats away from the house, and I would suspect if you found some scent that smelled like a cat's predator, that might deter it. Of course finding dog scent or coyote scent might be difficult.

I'll warn you. Most people on this site are eager to attract cats so you may not find too many good answers here on how to deter cats.

Good luck!
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Thanks, I knew it was a long shot. I was just looking for more friendly and mayby proven ways to deture him. Like I said I don't hate cats, I had one for 17 years. The medications I need to keep my allergies in controll make me less then egar to fill that hole just yet.
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Did you use an enzyme cleaner. Even if you think the odor is gone after using regular soap and water, the cats can still smell it and they'll keep coming back to the same spot. Get a black light (you'll have to use it at night) and check all around the carport. Places that the cat has sprayed will show up, I'm not sure what color. Somebody who has used it should be able to tell you. Clean every spot you find with an enzyme cleaner until it doesn't show under the black light any more.
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