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Needing to vent

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I went for back surgery on Feb.17/2009 well now my doctors can not agree when i can go back to work so i have been cut of my disability benefits and nobody will give me a straight answer when i can go back to work,my GP said 6 weeks after which was up on March 30 and my surgeons office said not until my follow up at the EARLIEST April 16.Now both doctors are on holidays and so nobody can fax anything to the company covering my disability and they will not accept my surgeons head nurse faxing my medical information to them to prove anything they need him too.
So now i am sitting at home broke,frustrated and stressed.The company i got my furniture through is coming to take my couch and love seat next Tuesday,The power company is threatening to cut me off because unfortunately those were my 2 bills because my boyfriend covers rent,gas,truck payment,water and we spent our savings because it took almost a month to get my disability in the first place.
To put it bluntly He barley makes enough to cover bills and now all this.....
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Oh no, I am so sorry! Is there another doctor in the facility that could fax the document?
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No the disability company wants only from my doctors they would no even accept from my surgeons head nurse.
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that sad my friend...
Don´t give up!
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My boyfriend is alot calmer than i am about this,As he said we have been through worse so we will get through this.My biggest concern is for my pets so far nobody is starving got plenty of food for everyone but soon i am going to have 7 more kittens mouths to feed(I am really considering down grading their food)even for the next month so that i will not stress more and too make sure i do not get to the point that i need to let some of them go early just to keep my others on premium food.
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Could you possibly get your GP to help? Just explain the situation?
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My GP and surgeon are both gone on holidays......
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