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Who gossips more: Men or women?

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Ok ladies - this one caught me by surprise...... It's the men!!!
A Study done in London that involved 50,000 people got to the conclusion men gossip an average of 1hr and 16min/day, while women gossip 55 minutes! The reason for that, they said, is that men tend to talk more about trivial things, while women tend to have deeper conversations about their lives, relationships, etc.
Also, the favorite place for men to gossip is at work, at the break/lunch/coffee room. Their favorite topic: Women. Women' favorite gossip topic: Other women' weight! It sounds like everybody talks about us!
So, what do you think? Who gossips more? Men, or women?
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Oh definately men. They pretend to be all quiet but really they arent!! I hear my brother gossip more on the phone than i ever do!!
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Yeah the biggest gossip I know is a man - he puts every women I've met to shame!
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Oh my goodness, there's a man at work who knows everybody's business. And if you're gone for the day he will, without fail, ask where you were. If you don't give him an answer, he'll keep asking. Sometimes, he exaggerates about the nature of people's interactions. Like if two females are talking with one male, suddenly the females are "cat fighting" over the male.
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I think it depends what you call gossip. What did that study define it as? Did it say?

If you define gossip as unnecessary yackety-yack then no doubt men do more of that. If you take the more narrow definition of gossip as talking about someone else when they're not present, then I'm certain it's women. Men generally don't talk much about other people (except maybe to complain about their bosses and their spouses), they talk about stuff: cars, boats, sports, work, politics. They don't talk that much about other people in their lives.
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From my experiences it's equal between men and women..Although it's more likely that women get stereotyped with it.
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The amount of men i've worked with has been 90 with only 4 woman, and i can honestly say the men were the worst for gossip.

They would tell me stories about a person in one department, then another about someone else in another department. That was when i decided *Note to self.... Tell a man nothing!!!*

Sorry chaps, but that's my experience
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Anyone that's ever sat and listened in a squad bay full of Marines on a Saturday morning will tell you that men gossip the most by far.
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I think it depends upon the definition of gossip. I've been in lots of male-oriented situation (mine camp, dinnerhouse, etc.) and yes, while men do mostly discuss women, it's still falling into the categories of "things, stuff, events" , while women discuss what I classify "gossipy" - who, what, where, when (i.e. relationship stuff)
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