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Visiting The Shelters

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I went to the shelter to visit the dogs and cats yesterday and to see about getting a job there. There were tons of animals there. Lots of beautiful cats and kittens. I saw that most of them were given up for dumb reasons. Moving, Can't Keep, landlord said no, Allergies, too hyper, digs holes, Too much to handle. There was one that made me real mad. A beautiful, 2 year old gray tabby cat was given up because she goes after the ducks. I wanted to find the former owner of the cat to put some sense in her. I don't know why people get pets when they don't know anything about them. I wish I had my acres of land so that I can take in some of them. I found this husky mix that I fell in love with. She was in a get acquainted room and was left there by the people who saw her. I went in there and she jumped on me and when I sat down, she started licking me all over the face!!!!. I love dogs that lick. I wanted to take her home. It made up my mind to go find a job and start working so that I can get my dream home and land. I will probably start fostering dogs until I can get my rescue shelter started.
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That's why I can't go to the Humane Society. The excuses people give for dumping their pets really piss me off. And the animals are wonderful. I had to go there last week to write a story about a cat for my pet of the week column. I didn't go into the sanctuary part of the place because I needed to stay focused on Boxer, the cat.

You've got a long haul ahead of you but I commend you for trying. Rene has been into rescuing animals for almost 4 years now and it is not easy. Burnout, stress and losing animals are among the things you deal with along with people leaving unwanted animals on your doorstep in the middle of the night. Horror stories of abandoned animals in the middle of fields in sub zero temperatures. The list goes on.

Good luck.
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I can't go either. I know I would come home will all of the dogs and cats. It is just too sad. I try to do my best and foster as many dogs and pups that I can and rescue as many cats as I can but sometimes I feel I am not doing enough. It seems like it is a never ending battle.
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At the volunteer initiation at the shelter I volunteer at in the summer, A woman told us some of the dumbest excuses she had ever heard for giving up an animal. wanna hear the worst? A lady brought in her cat because it clashed with her couch!!!!!!!!! can you believe it? I was shocked to hear that someone could be so shallow as to give up a pet because it didn't match a peice of furniture. it just makes me sick.
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Indeed, animal shelters are sad places. I've noticed most of the people who work at such places have rather cold facades, no doubt from having to hold their emotions in check just in order to carry on with the work.

I'd like to point out that the "landlord says 'No'" excuse isn't an excuse, but rather a tragic reason for either having to give up an animal companion or else not being allowed to have one at all. It's a tyranny of greed, which I hope will someday be eradicated.

Hey, I love licking dogs too! I find the "Fido, get down! Don't do that!" types to be annoying anal-retentive power-trip people who need a good slap in the face.

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I don't go there either, unless they call us about a special abused one we need to go pick up. All the animals crowded in the cages, I just want to take all of them home with me! I think the worst excuse I ever saw, was that the new boyfriend didn't like the dog! An older 7 year old whippet. Had it been my dog, it would still be my dog and there would be no new boyfriend! Sadly, I don't need to go anywhere to rescue animals, they just seem to find me right here.
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