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Leaving for a 8 day Vacation and I am extremly anxious about leaving my cats

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My mom is going to come everyday and feed them and everything and even stay a little and have my brother spend time in the house a few evenings but I am so upset about leaving my cats. I am extremly close to my male who is about 10 years old and he sleeps by my side every night and loves to be right by me, It's breaking my heart about leaving, I told my husband and kids I almost thought about not going I know it would be more traumatic to take my cats with me so that's why I am not doing that, my cat had a hard time just leaving our old house to the new one. We just lost my Tazzy 5 months ago and I got another cat right away because I was so upset and I love her and she adjusted very well, my Coffy tolerates her but doesn't seem to bond with her like he was with Tazzy. I am glad I have her here though so they can be with each other while we are gone. I also call my answering machine daily to leave messages so they can hear me while I am talking on it telling them I will be home and I miss them. Tell me everything will be ok and how not to worry about leaving. I have gone before but this time with what Happened to my Tazzy I am so much more emotional about leaving.
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It will be ok.
I have been pet sitting for my sister.
She has been in Ireland for the last 10 days and is on the plane coming back now.
She has missed her pets a lot and can not wait to see them.
Today is the last day I have to go take care of them.
Everything has gone well.
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only here for about average 10 minutes to about an hour a few times, is that about what your doing? if not is that long enough?
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I'm sure they will be fine. I've been away from mine for over 3 weeks now because of my surgery and they've been doing fine. I still worry though so I can't fault you for still worrying!
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Awwww, don’t worry too much. I was in your place 4 months ago when we went on a cruise. I remember my boyfriends Mom who was taking care of my animals saying “Oh, I am sure I will only have to stay at your house for 5 min. Cats don’t need that much attentionâ€.

The whole car ride home my boyfriend was getting so irritated with me, I kept asking, “Who is Bugsy going to sleep with?†“Who’s going to love Capone at 3:00AM?†“Who is going to give Bonnie her ear scratches†“Is Bruno going to be OK sleeping in the crate, even if he is in your parents bedroom?†“Who’s going to run the tap for Bugsy?†I can go on and on… I didn’t shut up for the whole 20min car ride and it caused my boyfriend to get a little irritated at me.

We left to go on our cruise and I worried the whole time, trying to get my boyfriend to email them and ask questions.

The moment we got home all three of my cats ran up to me and gave me so much love I knew they missed me. But, they were still the same, and after 15min of harassing me for attention they all went their separate ways and I was forgotten… they probably didn’t think of me the whole time.

When I spoke to my boyfriends Mom the next day she was laughing at her misperception of cats. She said all three cats would lie in front of the door because they didn’t want her to leave. Instead of spending what she thought would be 5 min a day she ended up bringing Bruno to the house every night after work and spending a few hours with them. What a great Mom she is.

Ill still freak out when I go away, I am going away next weekend and I am still stressed. However, I do know that my cats will be perfectly fine without me, they will just get a little bit spoiled rather then treated like they are the world.

So don’t worry so much, you have your Mom coming AND your little Brother, that’s great! I think our cats are a lot stronger then anyone who spoils and loves their cats give them credit for. Breath, relax, and enjoy your vacation… they will be fine!
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Don't worry! Everything will be fine I'm sure your mom and brother will be great pet-sitters.
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They will be fine.... It's much harder on us than on them!
Just leave a TV open, the toys (the safe ones) out, and you won't have a problem...
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They'll be fine! If it makes you feel better leave a radio on at night or something or maybe get them a new toy or 2 to keep themselves amused!

If you worry about it too much you will end up ruining your vacation! Just call and check in on them every night and look forward to getting home to them!
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Oh don't worry they will be just will be worse than them with worry
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Aww, silvionc said it all!

Your kitties will be a.ok! Maybe your mom & brother can take some pics to send you once or twice? Unless that would make you miss them more!

You just make sure to enjoy your vacation! The few times we've had to leave the cats, they always seem to act like they had a better time than we did. Hmmm..
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for all are settle and you can enjoy your vacations!.-..
come back soon and bring us tons of pic´s!........
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