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Daily Thread Thurs April 2nd

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Morning folks!

Its going to be 12 degrees and sunny today I love love love this weather. I can't wait until t shirt weather.

I am mailing my invites today!! Also, meeting with my invite lady to get little stickers for my candy buffet bags. She is giving me 10 extra invites just in case too.

I went to the gym yesterday and the day before so I am sore. Going to be relaxing tonight and that is all!

Anyhoo, have a great day folks!
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Well its the first sunny morning for several days but that will be changing this afternoon.

Below normal temps continue to linger for several more days. Even though the snow is gone esp on the north side of the house the ground is still frozen!

I mailed some and will mail out the rest of my customer letters today.
Other errands as well-the recycling is really piling up so I will have to drop that off and do a bit of grocery shopping too.

"Buddy" the stray is becoming harder to keep contained in the garage when I try to go into the house. Last night I had him on my lap in the kitchen while watching AI-he wanted to explore instead so back in the garage he went.

Making pecan chicken with some sort of rice and veggies tonite for dinner.

Not a whole lot going on.
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Good morning

Rainy and icky out here today. Been raining since yesterday. I got my pole up at the house last night, so my arms are a little sore today from exercising/dancing extra last night. Got class tonight.

Apparently I'm supposed to cross train two people to do my job this month. Ugh. I like my job security! I dont mind training the one guy but will go nuts training the girl. She's horrible at her own job, she doesn't need to know mine too. Maybe I'll go learn the instrument that analyzes the samples later on, since I dont have much work to do. Tomorrow I am only working 5a-9a, woohoo! I just gotta get myself into bed early enough tonight to get up at 4am.
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Heavy fog and cool today. It says the sun might be out later today.I sure hope so this dreary weather is getting old.. I want to get outside and get the lawn and gardens raked up..
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Morning all!
Today it's supposed to rain, in fact 80% chance, with possible snow after it.
I'm so over snow, I realize it's part of the seasons and is needed, but darn it, why can't it be short and relatively painless, like a shot of penicillin?
I was supposed to work today but got out of it by working longer yesterday!! I love not having to work 6 days and still getting close to 40 hours!
I still like working my job, I just wish they'd pay me a little more. I know I've only been there 6 mos but I know all the positions relatively well, and I can fill in for anyone at anytime. I can run my own shifts and I like doing what I do.
But no raise in my future... Oh well, can't have your cake and eat it too!
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Oh gosh you people with sun are so lucky!! There was a storm last night, Jake was so scared by the thunder. Well the lightening was very close because the thunder and lightening both struck at the same time...It was kinda scary and the walls were shaking from it..
Anyway the morning is very dark and nasty. I want some sun badly!!!
I have a paper due tomorrow at 4 pm so I am just trying to force myself to start on it...
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and looks like we are in for more rain. It is 8C however so I am not going to complain. The rain we have had the last few days has taken much of the snow away although there is still some in the wooded areas. Another few days of it and the frost should be completely out of the ground.

Just working around the house today. Got all my running around done for the week so am going to spend the afternoon changing litter boxes, and tidying up a bit.

If it doesn't rain this afternoon I have some potting soil I want to put in my planters, and get them ready to go by Mid-may. Not sure what kind of flowers I will do this year or what color scheme. Last year I did all pinks and reds which was nice, this year I haven't decided between purples, or yellows yet.

The kitties are all wound up from having the windows open and are chasing each other around the house right now. Even Sassy is playing.

Everyone have a great day.
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Afternoon all,

I'm just getting in to work and having lunch. I've been working late every night in the lab, so I slept in until 9 this morning and took my time getting in. I'll go to the gym in a couple of hours and then come back so that I can work late in the lab again. Hopefully I can get this work done in the next few weeks and then I won't need any more research in the lab in order to graduate, just lots of computer modeling and time in the lab.

As for the weather, it's beautiful here today. About 70 degrees and sunny. We're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, but I'm hoping they wait until after I get home. My neighbor is still in the hospital, so unless they discharge her today I'll be spending a little time with her kitties tonight to help keep them entertained.

Originally Posted by GailC View Post
"Buddy" the stray is becoming harder to keep contained in the garage when I try to go into the house. Last night I had him on my lap in the kitchen while watching AI-he wanted to explore instead so back in the garage he went.
I love that you have a "Buddy" too. One of the 3 cats I'm taking care of for my neighbor is named Buddy. She went outside to call one of her other cats one night and instead of her cat, this cat "Buddy" showed up and attached himself to her leg. That happened for a couple of days in a row and he would try to force his way inside when she went in. She finally just let him come in and adopted him. He was a bit of trouble at first, but since she got him neutered he has become a perfect gentleman.
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Called in sick to work today. I've been feeling crummy all week and this morning was the worst. I feel sort of guilty, but there are three subs that can work for me, even if they don't want to. Can't understand people that don't WANT to work. *grumble, grumble*

The weather has been crazy. Some sun, then wind and rain. Guess it's actually typical weather for this time of year.

Going to go to bed with the kitties now. Thai is already there, warming up my spot, as usual. Spud will come and cuddle as soon as I'm there. Neither one will pass up an opportunity to nap with Mommy!
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