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All five!

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You can't see all thier faces,but I finally got all 5 in the same picture!
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Cloud Dancer is taking a bath! NOT!!
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Wow, did you bribe them with tuna or something?

The dark one is so much bigger than the others!! They are all beautiful, I love meezers. I had one when I was growing up, named Thomasina.
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You would have thought so,! No I just put down freash water!
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Oh so you wait till the waters green and slimey to change it. so they don't drink for a week or two and then they Finally get really excited about clean, clear water.


It's just funny to see them all running to the water dish. I know you take super care of them.
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somedays they are
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The one on the far right in the group picture looks like my Momma's kitty, Joy. She's a rescue (actually she came with their house). She won't come up to anyone but my Mom and my Dad.
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Sherral, you have such GORGEOUS kitties! They are absolutely stunning! Especially all together like that!
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this one?
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Aww... They are all beautiful kitties. But is Grayski in the picture anywhere??
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They're adorable!

I love siamese kitties. Though I still haven't managed to find one for my household yet. They're so gorgeous.

I'm jealous, you can bribe your kitties with water, I have to break out the tuna and even then it doesn't quite work out.
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sandra Grayski is in the first one far right,and in the this one picture.
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You have such pretty kitties. I love Siamese.
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Pretty Cats
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Your siamese are beautiful! Two of mine are starting to get really dark now, kinda like yours that was in the middle (what's his/her name? Cloud Dancer?). One of the three is staying pretty light though. I have such a soft spot for siamese.
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Thanks everyone! Cloud Dancer is the dark male,the heavy one!
Cassandra Star,we need pictures!!!!!
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Wow!! i know it is really difficult to get all kitties in one pix!!

Such GORGEOUS Siamese dolls!! Thanks for sharing, Sherral!

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*grin* Sherral I have a photo album of my boys posted in my sig, but I think I've given you guys that link already to view them once. I'll try to get some more pictures tonight when I get off work or tomorrow, because I have the day off.

They're all love bugs It's unbelievable the love you can have for an animal. I don't even consider them pets. They ARE my children, and I'd kill for them just like I would for my child (when I have one).
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Like I have always said, you have beautiful cats!!!
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