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Next feral project!

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My orange feral boy went missing a while back, and I saw a flash of orange not far away today behind a fence where I'd been told some cats were hanging out, and noticed the fence was open, so went to have a poke around.

There was 2 kitties there, including the orange cat, but unfortunately he wasn't mine

There was some industrial looking buildings there though, so I went to talk to the people there. One of the buildings was full of motorbikes, and there was 2 blokes at the back having a beer, and I thought "this will be interesting". The guys said to me "I'm guessing you're lost?". So I gave him my biggest smile, explained that I do TNR and noticed there was cats there, and asked if anyone owned them.

His response blew me away! He said there was about 10 cats hanging around, and he feeds them each morning and he'd love it if I could fix them because it's not good for them to be having litter after litter, although he did say he hadn't noticed any new kittens in about a year which is something.

He got a scoop of food and put it out so I could see all the regulars, told me which one was tame, and which ones were the most skittish. He showed me where they keep the key for the fence so I can come on the weekend to trap, and gave me his name and number in case anyone tries to hassle me about being there on a weekend

What a nice guy... Anyway, so that's my next project
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Don't you wish that everyone was like that guy! Tell him we all love him for the attitude he has towards these kitties.

for the man.

And trapping vibes for all those cats!

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That's so awesome!!
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WOO hoo Yippy
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What a nice guy. He's got such a great attitude about TNR. Wish more people felt that way. Good luck with your trapping efforts.
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A heart warming story Sarah. Sending lots of the project is successful!
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Aww, what a nice man.
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That is great what a nice guy
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What a great story, Sarah! Good luck with the TNR!!
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Way go, easy riders

Good luck in trapping & neutering the cats

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Way go, easy riders

Good luck in trapping & neutering the cats

Plase keep us here updated on your project, I'd like to hear how this worked out in the end!

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Ah yes, biker men after my own heart.

That's awesome.
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Oh those bikers, always trying to convince people how tough they are when they're such softies. God bless 'em - and you for helping.
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Sarah, that is AWESOME! You GO girl!

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I got my first kitty tonight! It's a long haired grey kitty, who's probably stray rather than feral. It pretty much walked into the trap and didn't freak out too much once the trap went off.

There was about 6 or 7 cats hanging around, all interested, and they weren't TOO bothered when the first trap went off. I probably would have caught another one if I had have realised earlier that a sneaky orange cat had managed to eat all the food in the trap without setting it off! He was quite long, and I was watching him all stretched out trying to reach the food, with one paw still out of the trap. I figured he was sniffing, and maybe getting a LITTLE bit of food - I didn't think he could stretch far enough to eat all the food!

I'll next trap again on Sunday night
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That is awesome! Sarahp, you're my hero!
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Great job, Sarah!
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The kitty was a boy who I named "Fluffy" since he's longhaired

He had an abscess on his face, and a scratch on his nose, so they did an FELV test which was thankfully negative, lanced his abscess and cleaned it up, and then neutered him, and discovered he had "unilateral crypytorchidism" - ie. only one descended testicle. So they had to a bit more to get the other testicle out. So poor boy will be a bit sore at both ends. He's pretty calm though which is good, and he's peed (luckily he did it JUST after I got him off my carpet and into the bathroom), so that's good. I've just put a bit of wet food in his cage, so hopefully he'll have a bite to eat.

What's impressive is that with county funding, all that (as well as rabies and FVRCP vaccination, and applying my Advantage) only cost $35, and is done by an amazing vet!
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Sarah, that's wonderful - I can't believe the cost. That really is fabulous.

Are you working with a rescue that has anyone that can foster him? Or is he just going to be released?

Glad he didn't pee on your carpet!

for Fluffy!

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He'll just be released. Most of these kitties aren't ferals, but very skittish strays. It would take a lot of time and effort to tame any of them, and going into kitten season, it's just not feasible. If there's any obviously friendly kitties, then yes I will have a go at making them adoptable
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Yup, it's always an issue of enough foster homes.

I'll keep up the trapping vibes! Easter should be a lucky day, right?

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Here's Fluffy - doesn't he look sad?? You can see where he was shaved under his chin, and had the abscess lanced.

He ate dinner, but didn't eat today - I find they have just the one meal after surgery then don't want to eat again.

I'll probably release him tonight. There's nothing more I can do for him, and I'd rather him be back at his "home" where he will eat, pee and poop.
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Aw poor dear. I bet he's feeling lots better, even though he looks like he's been on an all-night bender! Bless his heart.

And bless you!
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Wow he looks like he has had a hard life! from my pampered Fluffy to your Fluffy!
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Yeah, these poor kitties aren't as well cared for as my other feral colony. I've discovered in the last couple of weeks that there's 3 lots of people feeding them They're getting kinda fat now, and we're having to cut back
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