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Here she is--pregnant momma

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Well I was able to nab a dog cage today and also nab momma cat!!

Meet momma and her belly of babies!

The babies are definitely moving in her belly Hubby and I watched them when we brought her home. She is dealing with the cage just fine and I have reassured her we are doing whats best for her and the babies! I'm scared to death!! I have no idea what I'm doing. My only concern right now is keeping her in the cage, perhaps Hubby will let me bring her inside if she's in the cage...I just don't want her to slip out and run before these babies are due, once they come I'm not so worried about her getting out and running, as I don't think she'd leave the babies.

I'll buy some kitten food for her tomorrow, hopefully she catches on the litter box quick.

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You might want to give her an old towel or something soft to lay on. It will help make her feel safer and calmer if she is comfortable.

And good luck! I brought in a stray that was pregnant and took care of her while she went through that. I was so worried i didn't know anything about kittens! I went and bought kmr to get them to eat hard food and they wouldn't touch it the next morning i gave her breakfast and they all came and ate first. I was so shocked. She also taught them to use the litter box before i had a chance to realize they were even old enough. the only thing I actually taught them myself was that people are good.
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So is she outside in the cage? If so, maybe you could put a sheet or something over the cage for privacy...oh, and some bedding in there too! She will appreciate the safe warm place. I bet she will catch onto the litter box quickly. This is very nice of you to take care of her.
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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post

I'll buy some kitten food for her tomorrow, hopefully she catches on the litter box quick.
Don't worry about the litter box. It's their instinct. My future MIL brought a feral cat inside that I had tamed, she'd never been inside once, and she's never had one accident.
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She has a box with an old towel in it and the cage is covered up with an old comforter to block the wind and give her privacy.

We're trying to think of a name for her.

How long til she has the babies if they're moving?

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post

We're trying to think of a name for her.
She is a very good looking girl!

Looks precisely like Eowyn in the film Return of the King by Tolkien, you know...

Thus my proposal will be Eowyn.

And her coming kittens? Preferably by names from the Rohirrim (poeple from Rohan), ie Eowyns people.
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She might be close to delievering if the babies are moving a lot. Maybe two weeks at most. Also provide her with water to give her strength. It would also be good to pad the sides of the cage with carpet remainants, rolled towels, or blankets that the babies don't bump or get through the wires or bars. Also keep KMR on hand in case somethings happens and mama is unable to nurse.
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It should be close if the babies are moving...
Good Luck!
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She's very serious, isn't she? I just love that look - like OK I know you're trying but seriously ...

She looks a bit like a "Lucy" to me. Glad you were able to catch her in time. You're going to have so much fun with these kittens!
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I went out today and got her a real litter box, she had the bottom of a cardboard box, and kitten food.

She made a huge mess in her cage by spilling her water, there was litter in it and water and food. I had to pull her out and put her in the carrier and take all the stuff out of the cage pull the tray out and hose it off and redo everything. Also she had litter stuck to her tail so I held her while Hubby used a wet paper towel to get the litter off her tail--I didn't want her to lick it and eat it. She tolerated this pretty well, other than her desire to want to run and hide because she isn't sure where she is, she's very friendly.

I keep telling her this is best for her and her babies and she seems to understand me. She meows and mostly is content to lay in her box and watch the world go by.

Cross your fingers she holds out until Monday--Hubby will be home alone with her Friday night to Monday early afternoon.

No name yet, nothing seems to fit just right--Hubby makes the final decision on this one he says.

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You need a box in there with a towel inside a pillowcase - that will prevent tiny nails from getting caught in the towel.
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Perhaps try to put a box in the cage for her to have her kittens- she might feel a bit "exposed" otherwise. Usually they like to be kind of hidden when they have the babies. Also, as AMYSCRAZY said, a sheet over top would make her feel more comfortable.
Good luck! Hope she has them soon!
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Well I just got home from being out of town--no babies yet. I really haven't gotten to check momma--Hubby says she wants lots of love.

I'll let you know later how she is and try and get a couple more pictures of her.

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Wow! None yet! Wow, poor Mama
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Well I was able to insulate momma's cage really well as well as get some lovin in with her. She's so sweet!

Here are some pictures of her and her setup!

I hope these babies come soon!

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She's a beautiful patched tabby. Bless you for looking after her.
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Wow! Perfect set up! She is very lucky to have you caring for her!
She is really pretty too!
Good luck!
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Nice looking cat, her back almost looks like she has a bit of a "torti thing" going on , from the picture on the 1st post, she has a nice, calm, pleasent looking expression to her.

Pet her a bit for me.
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Thanks so much for the sweet comments.

I will pet her for you! She's so sweet. I feel like its getting close, these babies will be here soon. We check her often, Hubby often works late and or gets up early for work so she rarely goes more than 3-4 hours without be checked.

Pray for warm weather to come its miserable here, I may have find a way to bring her cage inside.

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She is very pretty cat and you her cage is set up well. Could you put her cage in a laundry or bathroom in your house?
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she could be Savannahs twin.. and the wierd bit is we took Savannah in off the street
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
She's a beautiful patched tabby. Bless you for looking after her.
looks like my Firefox!
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She's a lovely looking cat. Good luck with the kitties.
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We are going to see the vet today at 4:15. I just wanted to get a quick check on her, see when these babies are coming, treat for fleas--I don't want the babies to have them, and depending on the cost maybe get an xray.

Its snowing here this morning but momma looked warm and cozy when i checked on her.

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Bless you for caring for this beauty! You've created a great set up for her and those babies to come.

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Has she gone to the vet yet?
Is she going to go to the shelter after the babies come?
for you for taking fostering/taking care of her!
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Momma and I just got back from the vet--she's very healthy, no fleas and FIV and FELV negative!!!! Doc says babies should come in the next week so we'll wait and see.

I'm not 100% sure what will happen when she has her babies--I hope to find them homes myself but as a last resort will take her and her babies to our local no kill shelter--unless somebody stays here.

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Thats good! I hope they come soon! Did he have any idea of how many kittens there were?
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Nope he didn't say.

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Oh well, at least you get the surprise!
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