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Remember thread I posted about no matter how we paid there was some sort of fee for our electric company?
Well again we havent been getting bills, we got 2 today for 2 different amounts and 2 different due dates...
Well.... apparently that payment didnt go through in March all the way or something because we got a bill tonight for $405 dollars... I was slightly angry and called and asked why it was that much they said that they hadnt received a payment since January... I was confused said we paid in March! They said they needed a conf. code. So we go searching to my roomies bank account to find said payment and apparently it didnt go through...
So we said okay our bad guess something happened we will pay it tonight. Try to pay it and it tells us it was declined. Oookay. So we call and try to pay it via the phone, it tells us we have reached the maximum number of payments allowed... What?! We can pay too much?
Call the electric company, their excuse "You can only attempt to make a payment once every 30 days..." WHAT?!
*insert multiple screams and curses*

Needless to say I am livid at the moment.