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Hello was July 2007 when I last called round.

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It was July 07 when I last looked in here and a lot has changed in my life. Loves lost, pets lost, familly members lost and friends.
Im still an active pilot though and thats not changed. Love being in the air as much as possible. I miss having cats around but due to my work commitments, it wouldnt be fair to leave them - so I have to settle for tropical fish.
Other than a few lbs, im just the same old boring devil I always was. Hit the 4-0 this year and feeling every day of it.
So.... whats new? What have I missed?
I heard about Hope and thats whats caused me to post a comment and say hi. A terrible loss to all who knew her.
So, its over to you,,,,, let me turn round three times, curl up and purr and read your comments about whats happened.
All the best
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You have a lot of reading to do to catch up my friend.

Welcome back. Hope you stay around or at least visit more often.
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Yeah, Kev! Stay around if you can. I remember you were going through a lot. I hope this side of 40 is lots brighter.
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Hi Kev. Long time no see. You've got a bunch of catching up to do! Stick around and do some reading -- there's plenty!
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Hi Kev! It's nice to see you. Before I came back (November 2008) I hadn't been here for 2 years so it's been a very long time since I saw you! But how nice it is!
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Hi kev!!!

Has it really been that long??

How is your son doing?? He must really be getting much bigger now-around age 11 I think?

If you think the big 4-0 is something wait until you reach the half century mark!

Have you finally conquered the headache?? I remember those were really nasty.

As for cats-you can experience cat ownership though all of ours. Might be increasing my number back to four-I'll see how the vet exam goes for my garage residing stray on Friday!

Don't be such a stranger!!
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Welcome back! You sound a lot happier than you were, I hope things are going better for you. We have all been through a lot over the last year or so but as always, TCS is the place to be!
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Hi there
My son is 10 this year and lives overseas. Talk to him every few days and hes still the best thing ever happened to me. Sadly, its a short flight and a lot of travelling, but the meetings are the most intense things. The partings are the hardest.
As far as my headaches are concerned, there is no change. Have though had liver problems - may be related - but I still need daily painkillers.
That never changes although Im better than I was.
I had a car accident nearly three years ago thats left me with problems that will never be the same as I was. But, Im still alive and kicking.
Heavily into my flying - always take some photos and happy to share. I also have loads on You Tube of me and the guys and gals doing what we do. Just put in the name of my club - burn gliding club and there are some incredible photos. Im addicted.
However, visited my mum last night and after a bad week, so far I am yet to find anything that takes the whole nasty week away faster than her cat purring at me. Who needs negotiations, just a cat and a purr. Theres nothing better.
So who has done what>? Who's got married, pregnant, divorced, who is doing what? I was in Canada last March 08 as dad had a heart attack. God thats a cold country!
Over to you.
Can one post photos on here? Can show you my ugly mug and some pics taken in a thermal last weekend?
Nice to be home. Anyone a puddy tat I can relax and stroke to rid me of this stress?
Thermals and smiles to you all
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It's good to see you posting here again Kev.
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back, Kev!
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Post your gliding pics!! That would be cool to see. Don't know if I would have the guts personally to do it myself!

Do you have Skype that you could see your son while chatting to him?
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