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Scruffing, when is she to old?

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Those who have read the last few posts I've writen know about spirit and all the trouble she has had with her eye. Well the problem is back again and I have more drops. I've only been able to give them to her by scruffing her neck and turning her on her back.

Spirit has grown alot since I started giving her drops and I'm wondering just how old is to old to do this? Or is there a age limit? The vet said that it was fine for all ages, but I swear I heard that once they reach a limit it can hurt them....Am I'm just dealing with outdated info.?
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You're not supposed to lift them while scruffing the neck; the weight should always be supported by your other hand. That's probably what the warnings refer to... people trying to carry cats by the nape of the neck. Likewise, you shouldn't pull on the neck to turn the cat over.

So long as you're doing it properly (just using a light grip on the nape of the neck to quiet the cat and keep him in place, while supporting weight with the other hand), then you can do it to an adult cat.
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you should be fine with scruffing her, as long as you're not lifting her up, or pulling too hard, or using too much force. (Which as a meow-my, I doubt you are!)

I hate doing it, but sometimes it's the only way to get meds in!
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I agree as long as you don't lift her up it should be okay.
I'm curious does anyone know what kind of injury can occur if someone tries to lift an adult cat by the scruff? I know it's bad but as a kid i've done it and I still feel guilty about it. Thankfully the cat wasn't injured, probably because it was only for a moment.
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How about wrapping your cat in a towel in snug burrito? That way, she can't move her legs and you don't have to turn her over. Put a towel down flat, put kitty in the middle, wrap the side closest to you over her,then bring the other side towards you, pulling it snug under her. Her legs should be in the 'burrito'. Put your right arm over her, pulling her back end tight into your right side. If I was facing you, you'd lookk like you were holding your cat like a football player holds the ball while running. Holding her tight against you, hold her head and spread her eye open andput the drop in. I guess it sounds harder but it may be more comfortable for your cat than being on her back.
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thanks guys, its good to know I'm not hurting her. She's still a kitten (about 7-8 months) but I figured its always best to ask.

@ Sweetpea24

I've tried that, but as odd as this is going to sound, my cat dislikes it more then being scruffed, and will fight it alot more. For some reason when we scruff her and put her on her back (in our arms) she relaxes, sometimes to the point of closing her eyes and not moving (until she sees the meds that is). I asked the vet about this and they said it was because it's what the mother cats do. I hope it will still work when she older, but I dont see why not, as long as it's not going to hurt her.
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Scruffing is fine IF the feet are on the ground/table. Don't scruff and carry with feet and butt unsupported.
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Scruffing actually calms a cat, as long as you don't lift it off the ground, which could injure it. There is an automatic reaction to being scruffed that makes a cat keep still, as it would have when its mother picked it up like that. It is the same reaction we see in female cats when the male gets them by the back of the neck, or that alpha cats are trying to instill when they are showing their superiority over another cat. But with adult cats the reaction doesn't last for very long, so you have to be fast administering the medicine or whatever.
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They are never too old to be scruffed. Scruffing can be an issue if you pick an obese cat up by the scruff you can pull the skin away from the muscle or something... mess something up inside. Scruffing in general without lifting and holding the cat's entire weight, they are never too old.
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