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About 20 years ago, our local paper pulled a prank on everyone who got the paper. As you know, Sacramento is the capital of California. Well, on April Fool's Day one year, they had a big write-up on the front page of the paper that California was going to be split in half. Sacramento would remain the capital of North California and our city, Bakersfield, was going to be the capital of South California! It had me going for awhile until I realized the date. My Mom was fooled by it as was a lot of other people!
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MAN I wish what happened today was an April Fool's day joke!

At the clinic I work at we have older dog runs that you HAVE to latch shut or the dogs can push the doors open. My sister, a vet tech, forgot to latch the door last night on a dog that was in for wicked nasty diarrhea. I could smell it when I walked into the building and when I turned on the lights found blood on the floor. The dog had gotten out, had a huge puddle of just liquid nastyness in the treatment area, he peed in one of the exam rooms and tracked blood all over because he pulled apart his IV line. I called my sister immediatley to ask if she had forgotten to latch the door and the first thing she says is "Oh this is an april fool's day joke!" I was like... "I wish it was!" Luckily she lives like... a block away and came and helped us clean the place up. The dog was fine, we got his IV line flowing again and he was able to go home today but MAN was it quite the wake up this morning!
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I moved my SO's car to a different parking spot, replaced one of his movies with a blank disc, took a battery out of his mouse, and stole the idea about taping up the faucet! Don't worry, he likes pranks and had fun discovering them.
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Originally Posted by spudsmom View Post
My DH begged for us to get married on April 1. No way....I wasn't gonna listen to that for the rest of my life! So 25 years ago YESTERDAY we got married. He still whines because I wouldn't go for the April Fool's Day wedding. *sigh*
Actually, we DID get married on April Fools Day. Our fourth anniversary was yesterday. We eloped on April Fools Day four years ago and then teased various friends about the fact that we got married for weeks. We had to show them our marriage license for them to actually believe us (they didn't believe us originally because it was April Fools Day). We enjoy our silly anniversary.
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Ohh I love pranks! I didn't play any this year - I was too busy!

I remember one year in particular when my friend and I planned this joke on her mum - we wrote up a letter from the phone company saying that they were cleaning out the phone lines and to please put a plastic bag on the handset as they were blowing the dust out through the handsets.

She was so angry - not at us, but at the phone company. She rang them blasting them for their joke.

We finally told her it was us and she laughed so hard she cried.
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