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Liquorice is gone.

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Liquorice went to his furrever home yesterday. The lady that took him bought lots and lots of stuff for him and even bought the exact same bed he had here so he'd feel at home. She had cats when she was younger but had kind-of forgotten a lot so I made up a couple of pages for her on how to look after the little guy. I miss him soooo much! He's the last kitten of the season. Vegemite is wondering where her 'toy' went. LOL

Now I can concentrate on building the 'kitty jail' for next season's kittens. They'll start arriving in late October so I've got about 5 months to get it done. We'll see how it goes! LOL I'll post a pic of the plan for the kitten pen as soon as I've scanned it. The babies playpen just wasn't adequate when I had 8 kittens at once, who all knew how to escape!
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LOL Tania- your house must be hopping at times! I found the greatest success with an old playpen. I covered the outside of the pen with fine mesh screen, crafty hubby built a cover for the top, and reinforced the whole thing with strips of wood- to keep the top braced. The kitties stay inside, safe and warm, and I can get in easily through the top.
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MA, I'm a woodworking wannabe but I've done a few small projects and this will be my first big one. Expect to hear a lot of cursing and exasperated yelling coming from this end of the world!

After the 8 babies knew how to escape, I let them out, really. It was just too small. Don't tell anyone but I'm planning to make the pen 3 stories.
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Can't wait to see it!
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It's ok, I still have my tiny Licorice, and I'll share. ----as soon as I figure out how to freeze pics from the webcam and then send them here. But he sent a furry hug: ((( ))) and a slurppy kiss.
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Awwwww. Thanks mate. I got them! *wiping kitty spit from eye* C'mere little Licorice, I wanna give you some scritches!
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Wow! You sure are kept busy by your fur-babies!
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