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Hot spots - what can I use?

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I recently shaved my older white Persian since his itchiness has gotten out of control, and washed him in "EarthBath" shampoo. I found four or five spots that look like hot spots - kind of gooey, no hair, raw... I saw someone mention here that they used Neosporin on a hot spot, but what is safest to use? I have antibiotic ointment, but I've seen elsewhere I shouldn't use that. He's not itching so much on these hot spots, he has now moved to his tail, which I haven't shaved, but will do today and give a good wash. Also, can I break fish oil tablets from GNC and put 1 gel cap in his wet treat that he gets? How often should I give that?
*sigh* thanks guys for any help. I am at my wit's end and I know for a fact this poor cat is already waaaaaaaaay past that point.
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I'm sure someone will come on with better advice. Kismet had a hotspot once and all i did was scrub them with cold water three times a day, they seemed to dry up over about 5 days doing this, my cat wasn't scratching so it wasn't a problem......

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I've never seen hot spots in a cat. For dogs, I use black tea. Steep the tea for a few minutes, let it cool, then swab the area with the tea, then press the tea bag onto the hot spots. The tannins in the tea will dry up the gooey-ness. I wouldn't use Neosporin or any kind of ointment. That would just keep the area moist and it would never heal.
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Thanks guys. I thought maybe I shouldn't use any ointments. They seem to be drying up on their own, but I will try the tea. I know it works great on sweaty feet! I am also noticing most of them are in areas where his skin folds up on itself (near back legs, inside of thigh, etc) .. so the shaving really helped!
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I just wanted to update, that after he had his dental, he seems to be doing waaaay better. His gums are not red anymore, his teeth are of course pretty and white -- but his asking for wet food has gone down -tremendously- and his eating of his dry food has gone up -significantly- ... I feel so dumb for not getting his teeth cleaned earlier His energy is sky-high, he wants me to play and chase him all the time now, and he is just generally happier, and -- check this out -- LESS itchy! Still a little licking around his shoulder blades and feet, but no more scabs or hot spots. I am wondering if his teeth/gum issues had anything to do with the itchiness? (Stress, pain, etc)
in any case, shoo I'm glad it's over with and he is a happy boy again!
Thanks guys for your help and time! It is so greatly appreciated from the both of us !
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