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Caged: Mind, Body and Spirit (Johor Zoo)

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Went to Malaysia specifically to visit the Johor Zoo last Sunday. All in all, the zoo was pretty horrific. Many animals were kept with very consideration about what their natural habitats are or even the most basic supplies. I think the photos will do all the talking...

This baby macaque has its head dyed a weird shade of red and is made to wear diapers while chained to a table, likely to attract visitors since he's sitting right outside an area that you have to pay RM1 to get into. He is very attached to his handler and screams in distress when the man moves away from the table. He's just a small baby, and probably thinks of this man as his parent.

As you can see, the snakes shown below are given nothing but a wooden box, water and carpeting. I hardly think carpets are an ideal surface for them. There are no rocks or anything to hide in, or help them shed their skins.

This snake is out in the open, I think visitors can touch him if they want.

There are four pythons in this cage under the hot sun. You can only see two of them because of the angle.

This poor young crocodile is kept in a large fish tank, also under the scorching hot sun. As you can see, there is absolutely NO shelter for it. The water, which must be hot due to the heat of the sun, isn't even enough to fully submerge him. The width of the tank is also too small to allow him to turn, but he finally manages with much difficulty.

Green Iguana. Nothing to climb up except cage wiring.
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Onto the cats. Catlovers, you're in for a huge heartbreak, don't say I didn't warn you! The first isn't so bad, I think its a clouded leopard (obviously this zoo isn't very keen on education, most enclosures do not have signs on them) sleeping in the shade.

This is his enclosure. As you can see, its pathetically barren.

The panther enclosure - nothing but concrete flooring.

Panther pacing.

This lone lion is in a HUGE enclosure which is actually 3 enclosures linked up into one. Lions live in prides, not alone. Worst of all, I saw a rotting carcass of a bird in the same enclosure.

He has a green collar. What the....???

This cat broke my heart. I think its an Asiatic Leopard Cat, please correct me if I'm wrong. Alone in a tiny cage, with a small bowl of filthy water, its got nothing comfortable to lie on, very little shelter which serves absolutely no relief from the sweltering tropical heat. It just lay in a corner panting away, looking absolutely miserable.

Leopard cat being stressed when visitors come near.

Two leopard cat cubs. I don't know if they are related to the lone adult.

Two zookeepers cooling the tigers off with water. Sounds good? Nope! They were yelling and screaming incessantly at the tiger to "sit down" and wait to be showered. What did they think he is - a dog?! Absolutely no respect.

"One fine day, I'm gonna get a piece of him!"

The tiger enclosure has 2 tigers in it, mostly concrete and rocks.

Most disgusting of all, they have 2 adult domestic cats. Lord only knows why they need to have domestic cats at a zoo! The conditions are horrific - these cats have nothing soft to lie on, no litterbox, no food, no water, and... they have a litter of kittens.

Mamacat tending to kittens in red plastic crate.

This is probably the male since the kittens look like a mixture of both their colours.
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Elephants left to endure the heat, no grass, little shelter. Both were exhibiting repeated rocking (stereotypic behaviour wild animals often exhibit in captivity)

Helpful sign telling visitors that Giant Black Squirrels are arboreal. That puny excuse of a "tree" is definitely nowhere near ideal.

Closeup of squirrel.

Quail chicks. One had a completely bald back. Also kept in a wooden box with nothing to walk on but carpet.

Two raccoons sleeping comfortably in their barren, boring enclosure.

Slow loris.

Pony being made to give rides to children under the hot sun.

Huge bear pit housing two sunbears. All concrete flooring, extremely little shelter, no food and no water.

Third sunbear, kept by himself in a solitary cage, also with no food, no water, no toys, no substrate. This cute guy climbed up the bars of his cage to accept my peanut butter offering gratefully. Peanut butter is enrichment, not a diet... But I'm really wondering if they even feed this poor fella on time at all.

The deer have a significant amount of space to roam, however, the enclosure consists of a drain and what looks like pools of very murky, dirty water.

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Many visitors feed the animals. I saw a guy feeding salty Japanese crackers (human snack) to macaques and told him off. Unfortunately the guy's got a hide as thick as a rhino's, and continued to feed crap. One macaque actually dropped a piece of cracker he was nibbling in favour of the nuts I offered. Goes to show they know what's good for them!

This is a picture of a large male orang utan shamelessly begging for food. I threw a handful of nuts into their enclosure. Instead of foraging, he ambled over, planted his big butt on the floor and opened his palm to beg. I told him off too!

No idea what type of monkey this is. All the monkeys hang out at the bars despite the heat, because visitors would feed them. The vegetables and fruits provided by the zookeepers are typically lying in a rotting pile by the door.

Javan Langurs I think...


Lone macaque in a tiny cage away from the rest of the monkeys.

That's all for the abominable Johor Zoo, may its management and all its zookeepers die from venereal diseases and rot in hell forever.
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I looked at this yesterday and was so horrified I didn't know what to say. I'm still horrified.

If this is the best Johor can do, they shouldn't have a zoo at all!
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That broke my heart I hate seeing it
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I'm just speechless. Those poor animals.
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