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Daily Thread HUMP day April Fools!

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Morning peeps!

Are you into pranks on April Fools day? Not me..and I hate getting stunted too

Its going to be rainy today and a high of 6. Tomorrow will be sunny and 15 though so I am excited!

Heading to the gym after work..and that is about all! I am getting the stamps today to mail my wedding invites!!

Have a great day folks!
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I came in early this morning to try and get a little work done. It's always nice to have a little quiet time before most of the other people show up so that I can just sit and think and maybe put together a list of things I need to do for the day. I'll probably be doing some measurements in the lab this afternoon as well, so it will probably be a pretty long day. I'll most likely sleep in and come in late tomorrow to make up for it.

My neighbor is still in the hospital, so I'm still taking care of her 3 cats. One is an indoor/outdoor cat and she's fairly cross with me for keeping her locked up inside all day, but she hasn't caused any major problems so far. If my neighbor is still in the hospital tonight, I'll probably sit in her apartment and watch TV for a while to give the kitties some company.

Other than that, not much on the plate. We're fairly warm today and I opened the windows for the first time since the weekend. I think it's supposed to rain most of the day though, so it's probably a great day to sit inside and get some work done.
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No fools is windy and overcast again today. The thermometer says mid 30's but feels colder.

Have to work on my spring welcome letter for existing clients and a flyer to put up at work to attempt to obtain a few new ones.

I have some errands I would like to do as well but my digestive tract is acting up a bit today.

I'm sure I can find other stuff to do inside the house as well.
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*yawn* *groan* *grumble*

morning. I'm up but not awake LOL.

Its cool, wet and dreary here. I didn't sleep well again last night.

I have to take Kizzy into the vets today, Brandy goes in tomorrow. Aside from that, nothing much to do today. It is actually one of those days where you get up and wanna go straight back to bed
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Good morning overcast and cool this morning and more rain later on. Not much planned watching granddaughter today so will be busy busy..Was hoping to get outside so she can run off some energy but its to cool so far only mid 30's..
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Morning All!!!

Rainy and cool here this morning.

Nothing much planned for the day. Have a few chores to do around the house but that is about it.

May work on my quilt patches later.

The kitties are good, Linus is trying his best to get Pixie to chase him right now but she is pretty much ignoring him.

Everyone have a great day
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Its cold rainy and dreary here but I'm hoping it clears up later and my leg hurts terrible and my knee isn't bending correctly.

Today is gonna be tough since I'm being observed and evaluated at work today by someone who I feel isn't qualified to judge me AND I'm mad at this person anyway for messing up my chances of advancement because she "forgot" to submit a piece of paper.

THen I think I will watch American Idol tonight. I'm not usually home to watch it but since I'm going back to work slowly I watched last nights and want to see who gets voted off.
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I love playing April Fools on this day but so far I have not. It is cloudy here today and cooler than it has been. I have a few things I want to get done so I will start shortly. Everyone enjoy your first day of April 09'.
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Hey, your shoelace is untied!

April Fool!!

OK, got that out of my system. I've had a big bad tummy ache since last night, I think if I wasn't the only person in the office til Friday I would've been a bum and called in sick and stayed in bed. Blah. Hope it goes away soon. Other than that, nothing much going on, supposed to go up to 65 today, that's nice. I'm ready for 70s though. Oh yeah, BF and I are taking the train down to San Diego next Friday for Easter weekend do I need to see what else there is to do besides a pubcrawl on Saturday. (we're the beer equivalent of wine snobs, except not snobs. i don't like the term afficianado either. And i probably can't spell it. haha. it's a fun hobby though!)
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