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Poor Griffin!

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Griffin got his vaccinations today, and I think he's feeling a bit under the weather this evening. Then I had to clean his ears. I usually just kinda wipe them out with a damp paper towel, but his ears have been extra gunky (but not infected) so the vet advised me to saturate a cotton ball with some ear cleaner she gave me, stick the cotton ball in his ear, and mush his ear around. I did that, and he FREAKED OUT.

Griffin is not a cat that freaks out about anything. He's just about the most laid back cat alive, I think. I don't know if it hurt, or if I used too much cleaning solution, or what, but he thrashed and yowled and scratched to get away, then ran and hid in his cat carrier that was still sitting out from his vet visit. So I had to drag him out and have DH hold him so I could do the other ear. After that both sides of his head were all wet from him shaking the solution out, and he's been hiding from me under the coffee table ever since.

I feel so bad. Hopefully he will be over it by the morning.
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Has Griffin forgiven you yet? I know it is hard when you have to do something like this. It is for their own good but we can't do anything to help them understand it.
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Poor guy! The first thing that came to my mind was that maybe it was cold and it startled him, especially since the ears are sensitive anyway. How is he doing? Hope he's feeling much better this week.
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From my experience, I've never had a cat or dog that liked anything wet inside their ears because they're so sensitive. Not to mention their hearing is wayyy more heightened and the sound of squishing freaks them out. Poor Griffin, he doesn't understand you're just trying to help him. Is he still aggrivated with you?
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No, he was over it by the next morning! Of course now, I have to work on cleaning his teeth. He is REALLY not going to be happy with me now.
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It is okay, you are doing this for his own good Now just explain that to him
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