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Griffin and Sprout went to the vet today for their annual check ups and the vaccines they were due for. We had questions on both of them about their ears - Griffin just always seems to have waxy dirty ears, which is something that's never been a problem for me with my other cats before. And my DH noticed that one of Sprout's ears has been much gunkier than the other one when he cleans them each week at bathtime.

Looks like Sprout has a mild yeast infection in his left ear, so now he has drops and has to follow up again in 3 weeks. And the vet said that Griffin might have some mild food sensitivities, so she advised us to clean his ears more frequently for now and also to go back to feeding him the same (expensive) lamb food that we keep Sprout on for his food sensitivities.

The ironic thing is that ultimately our total food bill will go down, because these two boys have both become a bit overweight. The vet advised us that Sprout should be eating less than HALF as much food as we're currently feeding him each day!!!!! So Griffin will happily start eating the portion that Sprout has to give up. I think I might switch Bastian back to that food too. Now that I know it's okay to give them much smaller portions, it shouldn't cost too much more to feed it to one more cat. Plus, I wouldn't have to feed them seperately anymore - and it is his favorite.

I had hoped to discuss vaccine protocols today with my vet, but he was out today and there was a different vet filling in for him. She was very nice and I liked her a lot, but I decided to wait until Sprout's follow-up appt in 3 weeks to discuss our future vaccination plans with my regular vet.