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Abnormal growling noise

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This is the second incident I have witnessed such behavior.

The first time was my cat, a white persian, got caught with a plastic bag on her neck. Apparently, a panic attack. She was humming a very loud noise and I noticed fecal in her rear as well. I leaved her alone after removing the bag, and time she went back to normal.

However, today, I heard some very loud noise when I saw her laying on my futon peeing with stool plus this very loud growling noise. When I try to confront her, she barking this sharp loud noise back at me. This is the first time she had exhibited this type of behavior toward her owner. She is hiding in her little condo and hopefully will revert back to normal.

Can someone shread some light why such abrupt behavior or this is a normal response to an uncontrollable potty problem.

Any advice would be kindly appreciated,
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I would take her to a vet immediately.

It sounds like she is having trouble urinating or producing stool. Her bowel movements may be causing her pain, hence the growling. Probably she has had pain while using kitty litter provided in the house and has now associated the area with pain and discomfort so she went looking for another place that she knows to be pain free and secure. Most often this our beds or sofas as that's where we mostly are when petting our cats when they come for a cuddle.

I would get the vet to check for Urinary Tract Infection and for any possible blockages or twists in her intestinal tract.
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I agree...please take yout cat to the vet right away. She is in pain over something. Perhaps the pain is due to a blockage, constipation, urinary problems, or something else. I know this is a Saturday, but please find a vet who can see her right away.
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I third that motion, please get the cat to the vet and quickly.
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I welcome all of your feedback.

Second day progress. There are no sign of urinary tract symptoms. However, what I do noticed my two persians are hissing and growling at each other for two days and they have been separated and I have absolutely no idea why they are exhibiting this type of behavior. They have been like brother and sister for over 18 months and both are sprayed and neutered. Could this be a mating problem?--doesn't make sense thou. Or residual body odor from wetting of the white persian is a factor. I will give her a shower tommorrow morning. Basically, whenever I put these two kitties within 5 feet, they will growl and hiss at each other immediately until I scold them "NO" which stop the noise right away. Again, any suggestion would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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This is not a Persian thing. One of the cats is most likly ill. Did the vet rule out a urinary infection or stool problem? Cats won't show symptoms and only vet testing can rule it out completly.

Pain or fear will cause behavioral problems. Has there been a change in the househole? New furniture, Room mate, Ferel cats outside?

I would get a Feliway plug in to ease the tentions, and give them a towel rub starting with the fearful one first and them the calmer one and the fearful one again. Use only one towel to spread the sent from one to the other. I would also dab a drop of vanilla on both cats chins and base of their tails to help make them small the same.

Hope this helps!
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I have to agree with DragonLady. It does sound like one your cats may be ill. (Healthy cats will not tolerate having an unhealthy cat around.) My guess is that it is your female who is ill and my assumption is from the information that you posted in your first post. If a vet did rule out urinary tract infection and problem with stool, did they consider other problems like diabetes, constipation, possible renal failure, a problem with the bladder etc and mention anything that you can do at home? If not, I would take your female to another vet immediately for a thorough check up.

If you haven't taken her to a vet, please do. I know it was the start of the weekend when you posted and it may have been difficult to find a vet then. But do try during this week.

If she has been given the ok by your vet and she hasn't shown any more signs of straining that you mentioned in your first post, then it could have been a change in your household that has upset the balance of things. A change that you may consider to be slight can result in behavioural changes in cats, especially if they find it offensive or frightening.
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If you are self-diagnosing and don't see a UTI it does not mean that it isn't there. Again, I urge you to take the cat to the vet tomorrow.
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3rd day progress.

It appeared all of previous what I mentioned have proven false. I have been monitoring the two persian very closely. The taffy persian is a male and white is female.

This is what I think what could have happen.

I noticed the taffy keep sniffing the white's rear end and chased her and she rejects his advance, but how is that possible when both spayed and neutered. I am not surprised that taunting caused urination and fecal drop from the white persian. Anyway, I sensed the taffy is taunting the white quite consistently which explained why the white reacted naturally to taffy's hostile intent.

What would be a good solution to this, I guess, could be homonal problem. Like I mentioned previously, they lived in the same house for 18 months and nothing like this has happened before until now. Basically, I am separating them when I go to work and let them try to iron out their difference until supervision.

Any better suggestion is greatly appreciated again,
Kind Regards,
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One cat annoying the other will not result in urination and defication. This is only done when the cat is in fear for it's life. A male trying to mate or dominate a female will not cause this response.

Have the cats come from a PKD negitive cattery? PKD is a genitic illness that won't show in very young cats but becomes appearant on older cats.

If one cat is attacking the other after smelling the backside of the other it could be a urinary/kidney problmem. Cats can smell problems we cannot detect without testing.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get checked for an infection as it will only get worse. Unchecked it can lead to a blockage and even death of the cat.

Is there a problem with going to the vet?? It has been suggested by more than one member to go and yet you don't seem to want to go. I'm just wondering why you don't seem to see that this can be life threatening, and ending up with a cat in surgery if left untreated.
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Your cats are trying to tell you something, as are members on this board whose primary objective is your cat's welfare. Please, do not self-diagnose these cats based on what you *know* or see. Please take the cat who is losing stool to the vet. It could be that time is of the essence, and this cat has no one to depend on except you.

When a female is in heat and being teased by a male, the only thing lost is liquid not stool as chemicals are expelled.
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I have spoken to the vet regards to issues and their advice is basically keep them separate--a week, could be results of redirect angers or not sure which one of the cats agitated the other or maybe a territorial issue. So far, they definitely don't show any previous problem with exception of a still glared at each other seldomly. Otherwise, they appeared to be getting along fine when they played together. Can't figure out why when they played, it is peace between them, but when they stop and few minute late come to their sense, I do still see some tension but each day seems better than the previous. Honestly, I am completely baffled by their behavior. Trust me, I am not trying to cut cost but more than willing/happy to spend the money to cut their grieve. I am confident it is not an illness problem. So far, they seem to be on 90% getwell level with each other.

Your concern regards this PKD is interesting. My taffy is a cypto would that have any remote chance associate with that defect.

Thanks all again,
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