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BA's trip to the vet!

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So, I finally took BA to the vet, he had conjunctivis. The vet gave us a bottle of stuff to put in his eye, so hopefully it gets better!

Okay, the runny eye wasn't why he went though. When I got home from work, the runny eye's pupil was so tiny and his left eye was dialated so big his eye looked black.. He kind of looked "loco".. haha but when we go to the vet his eyes had stopped doing it, anyone got an idea of what might have caused this?

Oh, and BA is now a Manx.. The vet said that no he did not need a blood test, the arch in his back is the #1 sign that yes indeedy that he is a Manx kitten so far they don't think he has the syndrome though, so thank God!
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for Ba's eye. I'm not sure what would cause one pupil to be larger than the other. Usually it's a sign of head trauma. Maybe the runny eye hurt and the pupil closed down due to pain and the other pupil expanded to compensate? Sorry, that's just speculation on my part. Did the vet give a reason?
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somewhere, i got the idea that BA was a girl...
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When I first got him the people said that he was a girl, found out that he wasn't.. funny story, I posted it earlier.. probley a month ago or so.. haha.
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I'm glad you got BA to the vet. Many good vibes speeding his way.

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The pupil issue can be caused by a variety of neurological issues - from seizures (Eden's pupils change size when she has one sometimes), to blindness (a vet once told me Damita being blind - her pupils dilated at different rates - not sure if that's true), to a stroke. I would keep an eye on it - did you discuss it with the vet?
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